Waiting: 29/366

Rainy Sunday. When moving here, I was warned of the rain and thought nothing of it. Being raised in fog and much more a night owl than a sun worshiper, I didn't think it would make any difference to me or my mood. After 3 years, all these gray days really do take a toll. Last month sunset would have been around 4:20 pm and sunrise around 8:00 am. That's 15.5 hours of darkness and it gets really dark around here. I can barely see the roads at night. Even for me it's too much gray. It does get sunny in the summer and in July we get a nice reversal with 15.5 hours of daylight. I think my perfect weather is a slightly chilly day, allowing for a fallish wardrobe, with bright sun. Although, I do love to see fog rolling towards me as well. What can I say, I'm a true San Franciscan.

Taken with: iPhone 4S
Apps used:  ProCamera, Snapseed, Camera+, iWatermark



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