My Etsy Favorites

I don't know if you all notice my Etsy Favorites down the bottom right column but I am always adding to them. It's the best I can do since I can't figure out how and when to make an Etsy treasury list, lol.

I have to point out that my currently added favorites make for an amazing image. You really should check out these fellow Etsy sellers.

1. How much for that Lamby in the window-vignette How much for that Lamby in the window
2. Quilted Pen Cushion Quilted Pen Cushion
3. gerbera daisy in porcelain gerbera daisy in porcelain

I would be happy to receive any of these items, I'm just saying [wicked grin].


ArtMind said...

Haha, I shouldn't have looked, I found new favorites too! :)
Thanks so much for adding my work to your favorites - it makes me happy! :)

LaPellaPottery said...

We're so honored you count our Pen Cushion among your favorites! What a great collection!

HILDASelements said...

Very calming and beautiful items. This has to be my favorites too! Gorgeous picks, beautiful work, lovely collection. Just happy to see real art.

AnastasiaC said...

i can totally relate to the crazy busy...i hardly have time to visit blogs these days and I miss it!!
hope you are well!
hey these are gorgeous items - Etsy is amazing place to shop!

Estela said...

oooh I'm loving the vulture mug!!

thecraftbegins said...

I like the way you out all of those together!

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