I grew up in fog...

...and that's how I like it people.

It's 92 degrees at 8 pm.

I think it's a heatwave starting at 70.


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Ooooooooooooo!!! I can't wait!!!!

Alice in Wonderland

Where The Wild Things Are

and here is a featurette with Maurice Sendak & Spike Jonze:

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Why SYTYCD is Amazing!

Last nights episode of So You Think You Can Dance, episode 99, once again gave us something we will talk about for a long time.

Get the tissues out and prepare for feeling.

Choreographed by Tyce Diorio.
Danced by Melissa and Ade.
Music by Maxwell, "This Woman's Work".

It is so amazing that we get to witness such magic right in our own living rooms. It happens over and over on SYTYCD. Every season is peppered with such moving pieces. Well deserving of the 5 Emmy nominations for last season, although I think they should have had more.

My other favorite last night was this Hip Hop number with ZOMBIES!

Choreographed by Shane Sparks.
Danced by Kayla and Jason.
Music by Izza Kizza, "They're Everywhere".

Tonight is the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance on Fox, at 9/8c. If you have the chance you should really watch. They have planned to showcase many of the favorite dances throughout the last 5 seasons so it will be a great way to see what all the hoopla is all about.

It is my all time favorite TV show ever!

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(Gratuitous Zira Video Day)

Zira in her cat tree.
(a.k.a. the spiral staircase to my studio)
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This is Sean...

...my personal trainer at CrossFit Seattle.

He makes me lift weights (like the kind in the Olympics dude), row like a maniac, squat waaaaaaaay too much, swing kettlebells, throw medicine balls, do farmer effin' walks and some other crazy stuff I never heard of that makes me sore.

He is nice.

I still hate him during workouts.
Hate's a bit strong but I am not in the middle of a circuit right now either.

This is what the goals look like:

I am at Level Negative I.

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What's been going on...

Last week was pretty darn amazing.
First off, the fact that I was able to deadlift 134.4 lbs. and back squat 95 lbs.

*that's not me ;)

Back Squat
*still not me

was something I could not have even imagined I would do, ever. I was very proud! I am still way far from my goal but I do notice more strength and stamina just in my day to day life. During my CrossFit training, however, I'm still dying at only the halfway point of the circuits!

Also, not only did my Late necklace for Wonderland Dreams make it to the Etsy Storque Spotlight but my Aqua and Black earrings were included in Angela's (Pickles on Pizza) Cyber Friends treasury! The treasury is now over but you can see the items that were included below:Please check out Angela's wonderful shop CutNGlue which is full of her wonderful collages!

I am still getting used to the way my new iPhone takes photos but here are some shots taken in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle this past weekend. It was a beautiful day!

Gorgeous flowers outside of Burnt Sugar

and the infamous Rocket.

This guy was in the teensie coffee shop where I got a cherry Italian soda, sadly I can't remember the name of the place but they had a working vintage cash register!!!

Kitty, snoozy in the bookstore :)

I think these are apartments. Reminds me of a building that has since been revamped in Berkeley, CA.

It was my first time in Fremont and I definitely will be going back.

Here's hoping this week is full of more cool things.
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I just figured out that my Late necklace
for Wonderland Dreams
was featured in The Storque Spotlight on July 8th!!!!

It's my first Etsy spotlight and I am excited,
as if ya couldn't tell, hee ;P
Read the article here.

Camera Obscura: Jan Svankmajer's Alice in Wonderland
by weirdwolf is a great article featuring video from the Jan Svankmajer movie Alice (1988) and many other wonderful Alice in wonderland inspired items.

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I am officially a Twit...


Been fighting it but have given in. Since I am mostly on the iPhone nowadays I figure this might be a good thing. I do admit it really was the Iran situation that convinced me that this Twitter thing could be a good thing. If it's good enough to get the news out of an otherwise shutdown country it's good enough for me.

I am still trying to get the hang of it all so bear with me :P

If you are on the Twitter and want to follow me I am on there as: creativecoquett

It really chaps my hide that the last 'e' is cut off because it's one letter too long for the username, grrrrrr.

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Air Hockey, SYTYCD and Torture, O My!!

Air Hockey:

We recently became iPhone users and so far it is pretty darn groove-a-delic! Beyond all the cool features, GPS has already saved me 4 times and I don't know how I can ever live without it ever again, I have acquired a portable air hockey table for a mere 99¢! As some of you know I looooooooooove air hockey and I have always wanted my own table. Now I have one I can carry anywhere and play anytime I so desire. This is something I did not expect and I am discovering more and more I can do with this awesome gadget! W00t!


OMG, So You Think You Can Dance is as awesome as ever!!!! This is definitely my all time favorite TV show and I can never get enough! I am so excited there is going to be a Fall Season this year as well, YAYs!!!!! I dunno who is going to get cut this coming week but all I do know is that from here on out, it has got to be the hardest competition in the show's 5 seasons.


As mentioned previously we have joined Level 4: CrossFit Seattle. Last time I mentioned this was just after our first full session with Sean, our trainer. Since then we have moved on from just learning some of the moves and practicing our form to actually doing CrossFit Workout Circuits. Oh-My-Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd! They are intense! We are basically dying and it's only half way through the circuit, gaaaaaaah. Sean is nice to us so we do 20 seconds on and 20 seconds rest, normally you would only get 10 seconds rest. We do not look forward to Tuesday and Thursday but luckily since we are both going, it motivates us to go anyway. Wednesday and Friday are now basically "Holy cow, I am friggin' sore and don't want to do anything!" day. After each workout we shlump home and feast on my homemade all fruit smoothie and make sure we eat a hunk of lean protein. I no longer can stay up past 11 pm and wake up naturally before the alarm each morning.

O My:

Since we are going to maintain this schedule through the entire summer, I expect my online presence to slack off majorly. We are basically dead after working out Tuesday and Thursday, SYTYCD takes over on Wednesday and Thursday night, and Friday we are just plain dead and glad it is the weekend. Add to that the 80+ temps we have been experiencing even at night, no air conditioning to speak of, making the house let alone my attic office/studio pretty much unbearable, and it all equals little to no time in front of my computer upstairs or the hot laptop downstairs. Also, I can no longer pull those late nights like I used to since the workout schedule has me zombified by 11 pm on a regular basis. Luckily the iPhone keeps me in touch with emails and I can surf the Internet pretty easily with it but other than that, I will be sporadic with anything other than focusing on getting in shape this summer. I do have a wedding coming up so there go my priorities :P
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