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Holiday Shipping Schedule

Due to the upcoming holiday, Thanksgiving in the US, and family commitments that week I will have the following holiday shipping schedule:

Last ship date in NOVEMBER: Friday, November 20th.
(order must be placed and paid for no later than Thursday, November 19th, 3 pm PST to assure meeting this cut off date)

Orders received after November 19th, 3 PM PST will be shipped starting
Thursday, December 3rd.

I might be able to check in for email responses here and there but please understand if I don't respond right away.

This applies for my three stores:

Foxy Monster

Wonderland Dreams

Superfly Delicious

Thanks for your understanding and Happy Holidays!!
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Sickly Purple Death Ray

Y has launched his D&D blog, Sickly Purple Death Ray. For those following along you may recall one of my project 365 images depicting his hand in a specific pose.

Check out the banner to spot that sick ray hand in action, LOL.
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Secrets of Wool

My Mouton Noir (Black Sheep) necklace has made it into this lovely treasury created by tolltunde!

Go check out all the great items and sellers featured and while you are at it visit tolltunde's Etsy shop full of wonderful and unique woolen paintings that are so dreamy and beautiful!!
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Monday's Cute Rx:


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Photo Tag!

Happy Banyan tagged me recently in a game of Photo Tag.

The rules of the game:

1. Open your first photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo on your blog and tell the story behind it.
4. Tag people to do the same.

My first folder is 'Architecture and Design Work' and this happens to be the 10th photo in that folder:

Spectacles ~ Maiden Lane, San Francisco

This is the after photo of a job I worked on with my old firm in San Francisco. We were contracted to seismically retrofit the building, remodel the existing first floor tenant's space, the second floor space for a new tenant and the exterior of the building including the entry, gates and signage. I was the interior designer responsible for finishes and design both on the interior and exterior of the building.

Here you can see the exterior before:

Spectacles ~ Maiden Lane, San Francisco

As you can see we updated the whole exterior. It was a great building and space to work on.

Full exterior shot.

Entry with new finishes.

New interior of the Spectacles retail space.

New interior of the Spectacles retail space.

New built-in cabinets and mirror design.

These built-in cabinets held more frames than the shop had been able to display previously with a whole mish-mosh of display cabinets that had made the space extremely crowded and confusing. The new built-ins also provided an opportunity for us to include a huge mirror which did not exist previously in the space.

New second floor retail space.

New second floor retail space with new skylight and interior finishes.

I am tagging:

Teri Rees Wang
Paper Lady

Cupcakes and butterflies,
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Found veil, lost future husband and pubescent growly bear.


I've decided on a veil and I can't wait for it to arrive!!! It's beyond perfection at least in my mind. I found it on Etsy so final verdict will be when I try it on but I am super excited. YAYs!!


I was preparing yesterday's Wednesday's Cravings when I ran across Mochi's future husband,

I was actually going to treat myself, and Mochi of course, to this wonder for my birthday since in the past two weeks I have had a bunch of sales, w00t! I found him and emailed his cuteness to Y but ran out of time and had to dash off to pick up Y. By the time I got home and prepared dinner etc. I went to purchase him and he was SOLD!!!! I actually even grilled Y asking him if he had bought him for me, since my birthday is within two weeks, and he said no. Plus I know that this year we gave each other birthday and xmas presents by ponying up for 6 months at our gym. But, the same thing happened with Mochi so I even asked if he was lying and he said why would he lie. Sad thing is I believe him because I know he wouldn't buy something while at a client site.

My heart is broken.

I don't know how I missed Blackie being listed since August and the day I find him he sells, dang-diggity-dang-bamn!

Do you think she'll forgive me?

Pubescent Growly Bear:

That's what I currently sound like. I have had laryngitis for a week due to the flu and totally lost my voice. I am just starting to feel half humanoid but I am afraid the other half is a growly bear going through puberty with his larynx being stretched into low growls with cracks and squeaks thrown into the mix.

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