Snowed In!!!

My first winter in Seattle and we are snowed in!
I never lived where it snows before nor have I ever been snowed in.
So far it's fun since we are stocked up.
Good thing I got most of my Christmas shopping done before all this.
I am only missing a couple of deliveries but hopefully they will get here before the end of the week.
Here are a few photos I took over the last two days.

Happy Holidays!

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Limited Edition Shoes!

Foxy Monster limited edition shoes now available. The first (limited to 50 pairs worldwide) and second (limited to 100) in the series feature my original illustrations "Foxy Spring" and "Guero the New Blackest Black".

Being a picky shoe freak, I have designed these with the level of detail I expect from cool kicks!

The Slip On Keds come in women's sizes 5-13.

Be sure to check out all the views of the shoes, I am especially fond of the heels, hee!

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As cool as my beloved spork????

Those of you who know me, know I love my stainless steel sporks but looky here, the Calamete has got me excited about this noodle twirling fork.

Just hook noodles on the "thumb", twirl and presto!

No need for a spoon!

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40% off HOLIDAY

Now through 11:59 PM, Sunday, November 30, 2008

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ps Zira sez:

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Domooooo Attack! Energy Drink

OMG! Where has this been all of my life?????

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Now through
November 22, 2008 Midnight PST

It's my birthday week and in honor of me getting one year closer to the grave [heh heh],
I am offering FREE standard shipping via USPS WORLDWIDE.

New items have been listed and more will be listed very soon.

Here is just a taste:

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Back to work!

I took a wee bit of time off and went back to my hometown for a lil R&R.
It's been 18 months.
I love Seattle but there are things in SF I really do miss.
[beyond friends and family of course]
  • Pancho Villa - Burritos!!!!! Mission Style! HELL YES, they are as good as I remembered, Yummers! Why-O-Why can't I find a burrito worth a damn outside of the Mission or Bay Area for that matter???
  • Cable Cars - I lived for years where I could hear the cable car right out my window. Yes, it was a good thing. Luckily we stayed in a hotel where the cable car sounds wafted in like a sweet serenade.
  • Walking - I lived in such a beautiful and central area of SF that I could walk to anything. K, so a girl did resort to the cable car going up hill (it was the California Street hill after all) and a taxi in the late hours (I lived no more than $10 from anything worth a damn).
  • Pho Delivery - Yes, to my door and it was too frigging yummy!
Well I am back now in beautiful Seattle. I do love it here and even though I have to go burritoless, I would not trade my life here at all.

I am working on more pieces for the Foxy Monster site as well as some custom card orders. Be sure to check out this blog for updates on new items.


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I went to SF....

... and I came back with these!!

They be keeping my tootsies warm and cushy.


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Monster Hot Chocolate

That's what I'm talkin' about!
(and drinking)

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Hello Lolita - Rosary Necklace OOAK

This is a ONE OF A KIND (OOAK) piece. Just listed in my shop.

Not only does it feature a hard to find, no longer available, sold only in Japan, Pula Loli Hello Kitty® but it is chock-full of vintage goodness.

I loved creating this and although you can expect some other Pula Loli's in the future (hint hint), which may be limited to one or two pieces, this will be the one and only of this style.


Hello Kitty is a product of Sanrio®

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Little Black Box


As mentioned previously, Foxy Monster will be featured in 79 boxes.

You receive about 17 promotional items from various retailers for only $23.00!
(that includes shipping via priority mail)
It's a great way to check out many Indie Retailers.

The site has a list of Who's In The Box.

Good Luck!
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When I make cupcakes...

...it's kinda like this:

(sort of)


Here are some I actually made once:

I call them Dark Sparkle cupcakes.

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A sign from above.

Actually, just my Chevron gas station.

Went to fill up today and I snapped this with my camera phone:

I'm not taking any chances.


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On Sale Tomorrow - 24 October 2008

Foxy Monster will be featured in the October
Little Black Box.

Once a month they put promo boxes up for sale filled with items from a variety of retailers who specialize in handmade goods.

This month you will get a treat, just in time for Halloween (my fave holiday), from Foxy Monster.

Included among the goodies you will receive from Foxy Monster, shown above, is a 20% off discount code to use in my Etsy shop. It is redeemable on your entire purchase of regular priced items. It may be used once by the expiration date and it is transferable to anyone you deem Foxy!

Remember, they go on sale tomorrow, 24 October, and they are limited. Foxy Monster will be included in 79 boxes!

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Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Blank Note Card

Handmade and ready for your sweet sentiments.

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Bio - from Etsy.com

A love of monsters, a dash of glitter, a side of funk and a whole lot of spice is what makes Foxy Monster come to life.

Born and raised in San Francisco, I grew up addicted to Creature Features, a late night TV classic horror extravaganza, which I was luckily allowed to stay up for every weekend even at a very young age. After being scared by zombies, vampires, Godzilla and the like, I would return to my pink bedroom with my o-so-girly canopy bed, frills and Hello Kitty wares and I must have started associating cuteness with monsters, maybe in order to sleep. In any case, that combination surely has led to my need for cute, sexy and hip monsters.

Now they have an outlet and life of their own within my illustrations!

My original jewelry designs are heavily influenced by both Tokyo and Paris with a healthy dose of San Franciscan underground grit. I have been hording vintage uncirculated beads and components that catch my eye and live to mix them with modern beauties. A neoteric slant on classical motifs makes me swoon!

I have been an artist all my life and an interior designer for the last 13 years. I am having a blast creating items for you that stem from the happy weird wonderland that lives in my mind and heart.

My name is Zarina and I am a designer, illustrator, giggler and skullaholic.

Welcome to Foxy Monster!
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...items listed, whew!
Many more to go!
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I have uploaded my first items to the Foxy Monster Etsy shop so Foxy Monster is now officially open for business...

It's been a project I have been working on for a year and a half and through two long distance moves!
(San Francisco-->City of Lost Angels-->Emerald City aka Seattle)

My original digital illustrations will be featured on cards and other goodies.
My handmade cards and many of my fun kitschy creations will also be available.

I look forward to hearing what you think!
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