Pant, Pant, Huff, Huff! How pancakes got us fit!

Since moving from San Francisco two years ago, we have switched from a naturally active life, walking to and from work (up/down killer SF hills), to clients and just to have fun in the city, to a life where we drive everywhere and I work from home. Needless to say, out of shape came fast. Finding the right workout is hard. One we can do together and both benefit, stay interested, focused and challenged is even harder.

Pancakes. Yes, pancakes and actually bacon, at least for Y, turned out to be our salvation. Our favorite breakfast place here in Seattle is The Dish. What I thought was just an automotive repair shop/garage behind the restaurant where we occasionally devour yummy pancakes on the weekend, is actually Level 4: CrossFit Seattle. Y spotted the sidewalk sign one day as we sat by the window and it piqued our interest. We checked out the website and thought it sounded perfect for us and our goals.

We had our free one hour get-to-know/session last Friday with our trainer Sean and I won't lie, my thighs were annihilated and I basically moaned on every stair this past weekend, lol. It was the good kind of sore though and the kind you know is mostly due to having been a Mirra chair potato for the last two years and that my booty basically did not wish to defy gravity as part of our challenge included a circuit that ended with hopping on and off a wooden box. I had to do the baby height and could only hop 10 times and had to step up the last 10 [tisk tisk].

Tonight was our first full on session with our trainer Sean. OMG, this workout rocks! We are so happy we found this place. We were both challenged and the workouts are varied and interesting, not the same repetitive zombie stuff as at most gyms. We did 500 meters on the Concept 2 rowing machines, worked with kettlebells (which is a great cardio workout and tons of fun), push presses and pull-ups. Okay, Y did some pull-ups (he went to 11), I have never been able to even hang on and today was no different, so I got to start building my strength by using the gymnastic rings and pulling myself up from an angled position with my feet on the floor. Everything is tailored to our ability level and frankly it's the best workout ever!

So I am excited AND we get to do it together, even better, YAYs!!! I'll keep you all posted on our progress.

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I have been MIA for a bit now and I know you all know I am getting married but that is pretty much under control at the moment, YAYs!!! What has been keeping me super busy is that beyond attempting to launch my own website, all by myself (which is still a major focus and time consumer), I also have decided to launch not one but TWO new shops on Etsy!


Wonderland Dreams
Dreamy Alice in Wonderland Jewelry

Superfly Delicious
Superfly Gifts and Delicious Paraphernalia

I started populating my shop this week and will be adding to the inventory, so keep checking in for new items.

There are so many wonderful little goodies I wish to get out there into your wonderful hands to make you feel beautiful, unique and giggly and I wish to do the same for your surroundings. These kind of items bring joy to my life and I just want to share :) It's all about the details in life and I really want to become known as the purveyor of beautiful little details. Throughout my career as an interior designer I was fortunate to do this on a much larger scale, entire rooms, houses, restaurants, buildings, shops, offices, car dealerships and even some magic at airports. I have just tuned my focus upon the individual. All I know is I am enjoying it immensely and I am pleased that I seem to be resonating out there with some kindred spirits.

Here is a look at some of the items recently listed:

and here is a look at the packaging:

I would love to know what you think! Feel free to leave comments, email me directly or even add me to your favorites (Oooooooooooo!).

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Foxy Monster is participating in this year's Yart Sale on Etsy sponsored by Team ESST!!!!

I have several items with FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING WORLDWIDE and some items have an additional discount as well, YAYS!

To find my Yart Sale items clicky here --> Foxy Monster Yart Sale

The sale runs today, June 10th through Sunday, June 14th at 11:59 pm PST.

Many sellers are participating so it's a good time to get your handmade on!
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I got a call today...

...that my wedding dress has arrived at the shop!


I can't get there until next week :(
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Next in the Marie Antoinette series

Marie Antoinette Blue Tricorn - Necklace

Marie Antoinette Party-Pooped - Brooch

Both available through my shop: foxymonster.etsy.com

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I Gotta Feeling

You will love this song as much as we do!!

I have been blasting it at least a dozen times a day since last week and let me say that this song, 80ยบ+ weather and cruising with the top down are a beautiful happy thing.
It's THE summer anthem.

I Gotta Feeling ~ Black Eyed Peas
From THE E.N.D. out Next Tuesday 09.June.09


*This is the best version I could find to share with you all, as it is not the official version since it isn't out yet :P

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