San Francisco

I love this.

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Stairs or Slide?

Tokyo house by Level Architects




Of course!!!!

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Night Night

Night Night prototype by Vanessa Hordies

A lamp that is gradually dimmed by the sand in the hourglass.
Perfect at your bedside too get you to drift off into slumber.

Flip the hourglass to turn the light on for 15 minutes as the sand trickles through.

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Our Wedding Bands

Before our wedding we did one of the coolest things we have ever done. We went to the Wedding Ring Workshop and we made each others wedding bands.

Workshops are located throughout the US and UK. We were lucky to have one in Seattle. We highly recommend the experience. You get to decided how you want your rings, from anything you can think up really. Then you actually make them from melting your chosen metal (ours was platinum) to milling, bending, sawing, soldering, shaping, detailing, buffing and polishing all while under the guidance of a principal jeweler. Our jeweler, Maru Almeida, was so wonderful to work with. She guided us through the entire process always allowing us do the work at our own pace, never taking over. You end up with what looks like a professionally crafted ring you purchased, no matter what your experience level.

Totally romantic. Our rings mean that much more to us.

Enjoy the photos.

It was a long day and we ended up exhausted but these rings are filled with love and nothing could be better.

photos by Creative Coquette
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available here

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