Project 366

I will be participating in Project 366 beginning January 1st, 2012. I plan to use only my iPhone 4s & a few apps, as I believe this will allow me to get through the entire year without any excuses.

Hope your holidays have been merry & bright.

Wishing you a very happy new year full of happiness & good health!
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My 7 year old niece was over recently and was delighted by the progress I have made in my studio. It's the first time she has been able to go in there as it had been a disaster all this time. I've been finally organizing all my stuff and playing with different arrangements and ideas. My main hold up is I can't decide on paint color/s. I usually like an all white studio as I work with colors and don't want the wall paint to affect/shift the colors. However, after living in such a grey part of the world for almost 3 years, I am toying with the idea of actual color on the walls. I am maybe halfway to completion at this point. However, when she saw my wall of colored pencils, I became, even more so than usual (heh heh ), the coolest aunt ever!

Inspired she looked around my studio and decided on my Domo O'kun as her muse and model. She then drew this rendition of Domo-kun performing karaoke in a groovy rainbow world.

The girl has mad skills.

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San Francisco Food, New Glasses, New Hair & I Look Like a Cylon?

We recently returned from a long deserved trip to my beloved San Francisco. While there, we ate ourselves into bliss, reminisced at our old haunts and I got a fabulous haircut with my long time hair guru, Addison, of Addison Salon. No one does my hair like he does!

If you are, or plan to be, in San Francisco here are just a few recommendations:


Rose's Café ~ Breakfast Pizza: I love the Smoked Salmon with Crème Fraîche & Scrambled Eggs version and Y likes the Smoked Ham, Fontina & Eggs.

Smoked Ham Breakfast Pizza
*photo from their site: I was too busy eating

Red Door Cafe: French Toast Josephine. GET IT! Lives up to all the hype.

Freanch Toast Josephine

Y and a very "special" cup of coffee

Y had some coffee served up with massive humor and I had an amazing ice tea with fresh mint. Service is fantastic and fun. This place is tiny, no more than 12, so be prepared. We went on a weekday late morning and had no wait. This is what you expect of fun funky SF breakfast experience.


The Elite Cafe: OMG! A must do! Get a reservation and order this:
  • Joanna's Meetinghouse Biscuits
  • Elite’s Infamous Deviled Eggs
  • Fried Okra
  • Blackened Kobe Beef Sirloin with Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus & Oven Dried Cherry Tomatoes
  • Beignets with Triple Espresso Bean Ice Cream & Fudge Sauce  
 Meetinghouse Biscuits
*You can get these frozen to bake up at home, yummers.

 Elite’s Infamous Deviled Eggs

Beignets with Triple Espresso Bean Ice Cream & Fudge Sauce
*all photos from yelp. Again, I was too busy eating.

Every single thing was beyond yum. Share all items except for the main course. You may have fried okra left over.

Café Jacqueline: SOUFFLÉS!!!!! Only soufflés, pretty much, and they are friggin' amazing. Get a reservation and plan for a leisurely dinner, 2+ hours.

*photo from yelp

We ordered the Seafood and the Chocolate soufflés to share. Yum, yum, yum and YUMs! I was too mesmerized during the dishing out of the seafood soufflé to take a photo but here is our chocolate soufflé.

Chocolate Soufflé

Personally, if I could, I would order a seafood soufflé all to myself and skip the chocolate because I was all about that seafood soufflé. Such cheezy dreamy goodness!!

When we returned home my new Rx glasses were ready. They are by the Japanese brand, Kamuro.

style: anillo
color: K60E

 me with new hair & new glasses
*It's very hard to get a good shot of my hair because it's so black.

a better view of the texture in my hair

I am also trying out some new bifocal contacts, so far they seem promising. Haven't been able to wear contacts for a couple of years now. It's awesome because I can actually see when applying my eye makeup and makeup in general. It makes a major difference, LOL!!!

 me in bifocal contacts

Ys first reaction to the photo above of me in contacts was that I looked like a Cylon because of the circular light reflection in my eyes. I'm hoping he meant the humanoid version and not the toaster version. Gotta lurve your geek. 

My hair was reaching my waist, as I had been growing it out since it had been butchered, and Addison cut it to where he could fix it, which ended up shorter than we originally hoped. To get my hair cut so drastically and get new glasses in the same week was a bit too much all at once. Even myself in contacts was too much. It's taken a couple of weeks for me to recognize myself in the mirror and feel happy with everything.  It was such a drastic change that I started to question my decisions. Luckily, Y was around to reassure me. Y actually picked out my glasses as I could not see what they looked like on me when I tried them on. He picked out the perfect pair! These are the first non-lucite glasses I've owned since childhood. I love how they are a modern nod to cat glasses. I love classic cat glasses but they look horrible on me. These are a perfect blend of sass and modernism. 

It's a new me. I promise, I'm not a Cylon.


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San Francisco

I love this.

via: Fleet Street Scandal
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Stairs or Slide?

Tokyo house by Level Architects




Of course!!!!

via: Dezeen
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Night Night

Night Night prototype by Vanessa Hordies

A lamp that is gradually dimmed by the sand in the hourglass.
Perfect at your bedside too get you to drift off into slumber.

Flip the hourglass to turn the light on for 15 minutes as the sand trickles through.

via: Dezeen
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Our Wedding Bands

Before our wedding we did one of the coolest things we have ever done. We went to the Wedding Ring Workshop and we made each others wedding bands.

Workshops are located throughout the US and UK. We were lucky to have one in Seattle. We highly recommend the experience. You get to decided how you want your rings, from anything you can think up really. Then you actually make them from melting your chosen metal (ours was platinum) to milling, bending, sawing, soldering, shaping, detailing, buffing and polishing all while under the guidance of a principal jeweler. Our jeweler, Maru Almeida, was so wonderful to work with. She guided us through the entire process always allowing us do the work at our own pace, never taking over. You end up with what looks like a professionally crafted ring you purchased, no matter what your experience level.

Totally romantic. Our rings mean that much more to us.

Enjoy the photos.

It was a long day and we ended up exhausted but these rings are filled with love and nothing could be better.

photos by Creative Coquette
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available here

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I've been neglecting this blog lately. I've been having too much fun on my tumblr.

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Dusty Gear/This Year: Stella's New Year's Makeover

There are a few items making their way into my life which I am regarding as New year/New Gear and some other items which have been hanging around for a bit which fit into my Dusty Gear/This year category.

Two areas of focus for both Y and myself in 2011: Health and Organization.

We are out of shape.
Need to trim down.
Decided to live in reality.
Have given up on the fantasy shortcut.

Due to so many moves over the past few years, unpacking and setting up fully was never realized.
Our offices and studios need major help.
We are determined to organize and beautify.

I plan on sharing both the gear and effect it has on these two current areas of focus. Hopefully you can add to the ideas here by sharing your gear and effect as well.

This first one is a Dusty Gear/This Year health item. I originally bought this so I could ride my bike in the winter back in 2009. A great idea never realized, until today.

Stella finally got her winter/indoor makeover. We used to live near a lake with a riding path. I'm way too much of a scaredy cat to ride on the streets with cars so... hellooooooo, indoor trainer! Makes me sound all pro, LOL. I purchased a CycleOps Mag trainer at REI with the yearly member discount coupon of 20% off and used my accumulated dividends for a super sweet deal.

I've got her setup downstairs across from my office so I can see her while I'm on my computer. Calling to me.
Hey Z!
A quick ride, yes?
5 minutes.

Only two things:
1. Wow, she's a tall mount and worse dismount. Need to figure that out. Do I need a step to get on and off?  hahahahah

2. In front of the stove when it's been heating the downstairs, not so good. In front of the sliding door for fresh air and a backyard view brilliant.

Stella's going to be real good to me this year. I can feel it.

What's your new or dusty workout gear helping you out this year?
Better yet, do you have a tried and true secret weapon?

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Momchil Hristov's Alice

Photographer: Momchil Hristov

Love the mod look and colors of this take on Alice.

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