Project 365: Day 047

On a quick run through Ballard (a groovy neighborhood in Seattle) I came across this in a shop window. I think it's a men's clothing store called Blackbird but I am not sure as the windows were covered up with this logo paper. All I know is, it's a meshing of two of my beloved obsessions, a crow and a skull. Waaaaaaaay coolio!


Highton-Ridley said...

Hi Zarina - I've just followed your blog... I'm kinda into the darker(?) side of b/w photography. Now I want to do something with a crow and a skull!

Creative Coquette said...

A crow and skull subject matter would be way awesome for b/w photo. So many ways to portray them as well!

Greg said...

ballard has changed a lot since 1994 when I moved to seattle, but it is still cool. there is a good mexican place out there, and a dick's drive in, I think (or maybe I'm confusing it with wallingford).

anyways, it's awesome.

west seattle, however will always be my inner sunset away from home...

thecraftbegins said...

OH, I'm jealous! I LOVE Ballard. That print is totally wicked.

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