Continuing On My Marie Antoinette Obsession

Check out this Marie Antoinette inspired set:

Complete with real frosting designs on the chairs!

More details.

Of course there must be shoes!

Here is a video of the making of:


Here are my latest Marie Antoinette inspired pieces:

Marie Antoinette Masquerade

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Do yourself a favor.

If you like brilliant, smart and interesting movies, go and rent The Man from Earth written by Jerome Bixby.

We watched it last night and it's now one of my all time favorite movies. Since I prefer not to know too much about a good movie, I'm not going to tell you anything about the storyline. You can always clicky the link above for the info if you really want to know.

How I envy you, for you are in for a treat!
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Marie Antoinette

I have long been intrigued by Marie Antoinette, having Antoinette as my middle name doesn't hurt. When I was in her bedroom at Versailles, I was mesmerized by all that I saw. It's more the romanticized notion of both this teen queen and last queen of France that intrigues. I gobbled up the massive eye candy that was Coppola's 2006 "account" of her private life. Decadent cakes, decadent shoes, decadent jewelry, and 80's pop musik, really, it's no surprise that I am massively drawn to this, is it?

I have been working on my own 'petite hommages' to this sensory bonbon. Here are some new items from my Marie Antoinette series:

Marie Antoinette Powder Puff

Wear whilst devouring beautiful yummy cupcakes.
It's guaranteed to make you smile and ooze regal 'tude.

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And the winner is........

Y suggested a fun way to determine the winner was to roll a 4 sided die. I assigned numbers based on order of comments from 1 to 4 and broke out my D&D sparkly pink D4.

Here's the roll:

and the winner is....



Please email (brains <[at]> foxymonster <[dot]> net) your mailing address and your ring will be on it's way :)

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Here's a meaty way to pass on yer information, Meat Cards! Talk about being green. When you're done entering the info into your preferred program, you can just eat it!

Meat cards are just at the end of their prototyping phase and will be ready once they figure out packaging. I may have to offer these as an option to my clients, as long as they are not vegetarian, lol.

Also, today is the last day to enter my PIF contest. Tomorrow I will announce the winner, YAYs!
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Paying It Forward

A couple of weeks ago I received a PIF prize from Smilemonsters :) The intention being I would then pay it forward. I finally have a moment to do so, YAYs!!! Below is my Rose Noir Ring up for grabs.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to enter, be willing to host your own PIF if you win and leave me a way to contact you. The contest is open through Wednesday night, May 20th. I will put all the names in a box and randomly select a winner which will be announced on Thursday, May 21st.

Good luck!!!
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My Elph is wonky!

Arrrrrgh! My Canon Digital Elph camera is on the fritz, boo, sniff :(
Of course it decides to start to wonk out on both weekends my niece had her first piano and first ballet recitals. Crapness to the extreme! This is the camera I usually take out of the house as it is compact and even though it's 5 years old (I received it as part of my bonus at my old firm in SF back in 2004), it takes, or took, decent sized photos and video. Y's comparable camera died last Christmas. So we are now down to my camera phone which sucks and my super amazing Nikon D80 (a gift from Y back on Christmas 2006 <3) which I am still too scared of wandering outside with, lol. It's big and inconspicuous for just snapping a random shot here or there and with all the rain in Seattle I don't want to ruin it. I know I am a worry-puss and need to get over it especially since I have fantasies of taking real professional photos.

[scrunched up nose smirky smile]

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Project 365: Day 063

It was actually clear for once while I was near the Seattle Space Needle! I still haven't been to the top.
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Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Here's a little funny courtesy SNL:
(warning: Adult theme)


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Star Trek, O Yeah!

We went to see the new Star Trek movie last night and it was everything I wanted it to be and more. Pure yumminess and I want seconds! It is now my favorite Star Trek movie with Wrath of Khan in second. You can tell everyone involved had much love for the original series.

Go see it!

Here is a bit of funny courtesy of The Onion:

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'

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Project 365: Day 062

Since I acquired my newest prescription glasses, I rarely wear my contacts. However, I do miss all my sunglasses so with the sun out I decided to put in the contacts and strut in my current favorite pair of sunglasses. These happen to be Oakley Script Asian Fit which I accidentally discovered fit my non-Asian face so much better than the standard fit. They are big lenses but they don't hit my cheekbones and they fit my head better as they are more curved. YAYs!
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