My 7 year old niece was over recently and was delighted by the progress I have made in my studio. It's the first time she has been able to go in there as it had been a disaster all this time. I've been finally organizing all my stuff and playing with different arrangements and ideas. My main hold up is I can't decide on paint color/s. I usually like an all white studio as I work with colors and don't want the wall paint to affect/shift the colors. However, after living in such a grey part of the world for almost 3 years, I am toying with the idea of actual color on the walls. I am maybe halfway to completion at this point. However, when she saw my wall of colored pencils, I became, even more so than usual (heh heh ), the coolest aunt ever!

Inspired she looked around my studio and decided on my Domo O'kun as her muse and model. She then drew this rendition of Domo-kun performing karaoke in a groovy rainbow world.

The girl has mad skills.

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