མགོན་པོ།: 31/366

Our beautiful Tibetan Mahākāla or Goinbo, meaning "lord" or "protector", mask hangs in our entry and it is the first thing to greet you to our home.
Mahakala is regarded as one of the most powerful forces as in the end all things succumb to the forces of the infinite nature of time itself. … Mahakala is able to swallow the whole Universe. Mahakala is relied upon in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. …
Mahakala is typically black in color. Just as all colors are absorbed and dissolved into black, all names and forms are said to melt into those of Mahakala, symbolizing his all-embracing, comprehensive nature. Black can also represent the total absence of color, and again in this case it signifies the nature of Mahakala as ultimate or absolute reality.
Mahakala is almost always depicted with a crown of five skulls, which represent the transmutation of the five kleshas (negative afflictions) into the five wisdoms.
Mahakala masks are typically hung above doorways to homes or temples in order to keep out evil forces. ~Source

Here is a photo of the full mask on our wall:

Taken with: iPhone 4S
Apps used: ProCamera, PhotoStudio, Camera+, iWatermark



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