Isis Smiles: 18/366

A souvenir of the Tut exhibit many moons ago in San Francisco when I was a young lass, Isis has been with me ever since. Smiling and reminding me of the magical experience through tents with glowing torches illuminating the golden treasures of Egypt in the middle of Golden Gate Park. I shall be forever grateful to my mother for giving me such a gift at such a young age. My memories of it are pure magic.

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It's still snowing here and we are very trapped now (car-wise). Luckily, we did venture out yesterday, when it wasn't too bad, to run a couple important errands that really could no longer wait. It's all fun with a Mini Convertible until it snows. It was really hard to turn the wheel yesterday, what is that about???? I would have never guessed I would end up living where it snowed. The word is, this was the brunt of it for us and hopefully the roads will clear up soon. At least I was smart to have Amazon Fresh deliver supplies a couple of times just when I realized the snow was really coming. All of you that live where this is nothing, just know, I am in no way used to snow or how to prepare as a native San Franciscan. This is also supposed to be rare for where we live, although it's the second time in 4 winters. I'm now thinking an extra fridge or freezer might be a good idea. I also think we should look into getting the new 4 wheel drive Mini Countryman. O, and to those who drive in this with a regular car and speed through the turns, um hello, I saw you nearly take out our front fence. Luckily the kids who had been playing right there had moved on. Seriously, stay off the road.



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