Bridezilla: 13/366

I love my little Bridezilla. Had her for ages, over 20 years. She actually spits out sparks as well while rolling on her wheels, so awesome! She wears a full on wedding gown with veil and bouquet. She does have a groom, Godzilla, perfectly matched in size who happens to be a lighter with the flame coming out of his mouth. Had him for just a few years longer but sadly since about week 3 he never worked again. Tried to have him repaired, even in a fancy cigar shop, that was hilarious. The guy tried really hard but to no avail. Should have seen the looks from the serious cigar connoisseurs, LOL. Never been able to find a replacement either.

Taken with: iPhone 4S, Photojojo Macro Lens for iPhone
Apps used:  Camera, Camera+, iWatermark



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