At The Wheel: 3/366

We had just dropped off my computer at the Apple store. I had planned to take a photo at/in Apple as my photo for the day but totally forgot once we got all wrapped up with the Genius Bar peeps discussing what was wrong with my computer.

Literally stopped at the red light, as I lamented what was I going to do for my photo, I looked up and saw the beautiful street in front of me with all the trees lit up with little lights. I then saw it through my steering wheel and scrambled for the phone. Only enough time for one photo and my flash went off. Doomed.

This image was seriously pushed and prodded with to get it to look like this. The funny thing is, as I worked on it on my phone, I thought those were stars in the night sky. I worked so hard to get them to show. Hah! It turns out, now when looking at it on a bigger screen,  those are actually dust particles on my windscreen.

Taken with: iPhone 4S
Apps used:  Camera, Snapseed, Retouch, Camera+, iWatermark



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