Sweet Lolita Cupcakes

I recently came across the sweetest cupcakes created in a sweet kitchen by an even sweeter Lolita.

The Pink Fairies:

Katja Beckman, our Swedish Lolita and baker.

Her lovely kitchen where she creates all these goodies.
She also makes dreamy cookies.

Here is Katja in a dress she made. She also designed the print!

YAY, Lolitas and cupcakes!!!!
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Kitty Not Monster

Some years back I made Y this iPod cover:

D-Man aka Raoul

It was my first attempt at any such thing. It worked well but these days he sits in a drawer as the iPod isn't used much outside of the car. I love how his teeth come across all gnarly and kooky, hee hee.

I had a bunch of that chocolate fur left over so I attempted my first plushie recently. I started out trying to create some sort of monster. However, once I added the ears there was no way it was anything but a kitty.

Meet Kitty Not Monster

She also looks to me like a Frances.

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"God is in the details" ~ Mies van der Rohe

Do you think Mies's aphorism of "less is more" would or should apply?
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Double Rainbows and Real Men

Start the weekend right.
Experience the euphoria of double rainbows all the way and what women really want.

Fabutronic fantasticalness!

Thank you internets!

Happy weekend,
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Creative Coquette Gets...

The lovely and intriguing Tuesdai of "...a reflection by Tuesdai" has been posting a wonderful series entitled "Interviews by HER" featuring different bloggers from the blogosphere.

Today, I am the featured interviewee.

Go here to read it.

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Wednesday Cravings: Chocolat L'African

 Angelina, Paris.

Soon, very soon....
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Ramdaq's Alice

Photography: Ramdaq
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Monday's Cute RX:

*mega dose*

...that's better.
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Rosie Rocks!

Update on the would be hair trauma:

All the good hair ju-ju sent my way worked!!! I just came back from my first haircut with Rosie and I am a happy girl!

Me just before I left to get the cut:

Me after my cut:

I asked Rosie to cut a good amount of length off for the summer (it grows really fast) and to really give me some volume up-top (I'm a product of the 80's, whadda ya gonna do). Basically, to add more rock 'n roll to my hair. It's hard to see because I'm wearing a black tee but I have heaps of texture, loads of volume all around and my hair feels light. I have one product in my hair and I could not believe the volume it gave me that I purchased some on the spot.

The salon has recently switched from my beloved MOP products to KEVIN.MURPHY. I was worried as I loooooooove my MOP Basil Mint Shampoo (which is all I have used in my hair for the past two years).

I've tried loads of products, including MOP products, to add the volume I've been seeking but nothing really works in my heavy coarse hair. Today Rosie put ANTI.GRAVITY in my hair and I can not tell you how flipping amazingly this stuff works. It's oil free so it doesn't feel like there is any product in my hair and it looks like I have photo-shoot volume without the teasing or sticky/tackiness of mega hairspray. Plus it smells like lavender aromatherapy without overpowering my hair with perfume.


I still have loads of Basil Mint Shampoo (it lasts for months, BTW) so I will wait to try the KEVIN.MURPHY shampoos but I am excited to do so. MAXI.WASH was recommended for my hair. FYI, it seems like these products have a high price tag but they last for months as you only need a tiny bit to get the job done. You can check around for better deals as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday Cravings: Naomilingerie

Japanese style handmade lingerie.

I have fallen for the sweet Naomilingerie Etsy shop. Her items look soft, light and easy to sleep in.

I believe that black cat eye mask with the big pink bow is a must have for my honeymoon flight.

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