Stiletto Races Around the Globe

Back in the day,
I would have been a contender.
I ran everywhere in 4" heels.
Up and down the
San Francisco hills
for 20 years.
the docs ban me from wearing such beauties.
Just special occasion wear now,
that does not involve much walking or standing, LOL.
be kind to yourselves.
Everything in moderation.
Including heels.







New York:

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Friday Color Reel: Chocolate

Chocolate: CMYK=70-90-100-40

Inspired by the cupcake I am devouring at the moment.
[nom nom nom]

W March 2009 Issue

Finsbury by L.A.M.B.

The best hot chocolate in Paris,
Angélina Salon de thé.

Thick and rich.
Find recipes here.

Godiva Suite, New York.

A true chocolate interior design!
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Wreck This Journal: Number 2

This week in our continued effort to Wreck This Journal,
Y gets physical and Z goes in circles.



We had way too much fun :)
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Quick Update...

Whoooooo, been super busy since last week. FINALLY finishing up the homestead. YAYs!!! By early March we should be done! Moving twice (long distance) in two years kinda makes you drag your feet.

Been working on some neglected paperwork and all those business things that we wished we had at least an intern for, hee hee.

I'll have more on our WTJs for you this week and I hope to get some more items listed in my Etsy shop. I also need to work on my Zazzle shop, especially this hat I started that all the boys are clamoring me for :) Time just goes by so quick!

Hope you all are happy and well.

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Wreck This Journal: Number 1

As previously mentioned, my fiancé, Y, and I, Z, are
joining the fun and WTJ-ing together.
Our first installment includes cover wreckage
and our "This Book Belongs To:" page.

Y+Z covers

Y really got into it!

I like my addition of pink German glass glitter.
Now everywhere I take this, I will leave some 'magic' behind.

We used one of my diamond jeweler's files to scratch up the covers.

HAH! I erased our infos.
Can't risk crazies stalking us!

I luvs him

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Wednesday Cravings: Dag Nabbit

self explanatory



The 'after' of my dessert tonight,
Baby Hot Fudge Sundae.
I was too excited and forgot a 'before' shot

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Wreck This Journal

So Jo of Smilemonsters had a contest for Wreck This Journal and I had never heard of it before but Oooooooo did it appeal to me. So I didn't win but Estela of life of a bird did win, I like her so it's all good :P

Part of Smilemonsters dealio for the contest was they are to both blog their progress through the journal. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun!!! [happy squeak]

Smilemonsters also welcomed other bloggers to join in the fun if they wanted and so far I know that Angela of Pickles on Pizza is on the WTJ fun path.

Hey, I'm not getting left out and mine arrived yesterday!!!! YAYs!!!! Yippees!!!!

I showed it to my fiancé and he wants to do one too. WooooooHoooooo! Even more funs. So I ordered his up and it should arrive this Thursday and we are both going to WTJ and share our progress here on my blog (he's so awesomeness)

I did play with it in front of my Photo Booth and here is a sneak peak of what's to come.hee

Stay tuned!

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I was tagged by cottoncolors and the rules are to tell seven things about yourself and then tag seven others.

1. I HATE milk. As in drinking it. According to my mom, she had to put Nestle's Chocolate in my bottle for me to drink it as a baby. As I grew up, only chocolate milk could cross my lips if it was ice cold and I could never drink the last bit in the glass. This forced milk drinking went down to only at breakfast and then stopped completely in high school. However, I have to add milk to hot coffee along with tons of sugar if I am to manage to drink coffee, never cold. O and please don't drink milk in front of me, ick, major gag reflex. I do loooooooooooove ice cream but not melted ice cream and cheese is way yum. I don't like milkshakes either, it's definitely a texture thing as well as a taste thing.

2. I LOVE the show So You Think You Can Dance and will watch episodes over and over because it makes me soooooooo happy. Sometimes I shed tears because I am moved so by the dance. I actually got to attend one of the shows in season 3 and it was awesomeness!

3. I have not been beaten at air hockey in over 25 years. OK, I probably haven't played a game in maybe 5 years and haven't had a major challenge in 0ver 8 but in the last major challenge I beat 12 people in a row, mostly male and some female, as in one right after another in games of 2 out of three. The next day I had a long bruise across the front of my thighs (where the table hit me) and my arms were sore for days.

4. When I arrived in Tokyo, for the first time ever, I was immediately whisked away to Costco and I had free sashimi samples (my neice's birthday was coming up and Costco was close to the airpost so the family took advantage of the trip, lol). It was a bit of a surreal and unexpected experience especially after the long flight.

5. I have a system for surviving long air flights like 14 hours Los Angeles to Sydney: get a window seat, stay up for the first meal if it's within 3 hours, then take a couple of NyQuil liquid gels, insert earplugs, put on eye mask, and crash under a blanket with a couple of pillows (one under my head and one between me and the hard arm rest next to the window). I can usually get a good 4 hours of sleep, at least. I have done this way too many times.

6. I am a hermit. I prefer to stay home doing my thang, working on projects, hanging with my beau (he's a hermit too) and our indoor kitty, Zira, ruler of our universe.

7. I play alot of video games with my man :P

Now for my seven tagged victims, er, bloggers:


Go check them all out!
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I have this awful head cold thingy
with a tickle in my nose that is making
me friggin' c-r-a-z-y!!!

I've been trying to fight it off but it has taken over
and I need to rest. I'll be back to regularly scheduled blogging
when I can think straight again [sniffle sniffle].

Meanwhile my wonderful fiancé
gave me Mochi for valentine's day!

I was so surprised as I thought Mochi was gone forever when he sold so quick after I blogged about him. I guess I had cooed so much (I suppose petting Mochi on my screen didn't hurt, yes I did, lol) that he figured out that I was really in love with the little guy.

Mochi is even better in person<3!!
Visit Violet Pie for other wonderful luvs.

OK, I pass out nows. :P
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Friday Color Reel: Blood Red

Blood Red: CMYK=22-100-100-17

Arne Jacobsen Egg chair

Power 2008 by Mariuccia Pisani

Ladybug Toe Nails

Raïa by Gilles Alonso

Red Carpet

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