Lavazza 2010

I love the yearly Lavazza calendars. (2009) Since the new year is at hand here are my favorites from the 2010 calendar:

Photography: Miles Aldridge

I love everything about that second photo. I totally want to rock that look. A bit overkill just to go to the post office in Seattle though, heh heh.

I'll have what they're having.
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Ocular Edibles: 12.25.09

Holiday Wishes

Merry Christmas!
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A peek of what's to come.

I have been hard at work, for some time now, getting my site ready to launch. I expect to launch creativecoquette.com early 2010. If all goes well, January 2010 specifically.

I was asked to donate a piece to my niece's school auction, which will be held this February. I said of course and then began to fret. No pressure. It's just the first time my designs will be 'out there'. The first time my Creative Coquette line, still fun but definitely a bit more sophisticated, will be viewed and judge by people who don't know me personally. Plus, it needs to get some bids!

I thought I would share my creation as it will also give you an idea of what is to come.

Sophia ~ Lariat Necklace
Mixed metal lariat necklace. Handmade featuring uncirculated vintage components. Overall length, 50". 24k gold plated accents. Bronze, gold and copper plating.

It's extremely versatile and so easy to wear. I've shown just 3 of ways to wear it above. It's what I call 'effortless chic'. You could be in t-shirt and jeans or a simple little black dress and violĂ , instant glam.

I'd love to know what you all think.

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Monday's Cute Rx:

Holiday Edition

Merry Christmas!!!
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My new favorite Alice.

New items are slowly being listed in the Wonderland Dreams shop. There's more to come but here is my latest favorite:

Comes on a rich black velvet cord with black diamond Swarovski crystals.

I didn't get a chance to show off my previous favorite as it sold almost immediately, love when that happens :)

This next one isn't listed yet. I must have been very tired when I attempted to photograph it as this is the only decent photo. I'll have to re-shoot before I can list.

I received some supplies I've been waiting for yesterday and I hope to get in some design time this week. I do have more pressing time consuming matters to deal with however, so we shall see.

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KuKula, I HeART You!

KuKula, a new favorite artist, has a solo show, Immortal Artifacts, at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City starting today through 01.09.10.

If you explore her site you will see she is a very generous artist sharing her work through photos, concepts and sketches. I am completely smitten with her work and have gone gaga over her new collection.

Here is a sketch of just one of my favorite paintings:

It's so interesting to see the work in progress and to see concept to finished artwork.

More from Immortal Artifacts:

KuKula was born in a relatively isolated village about an hour north of Tel Aviv. Her few neighbors were mostly retirees, many of them Holocaust survivors. As a result her childhood imagination was nourished by equal parts princess fantasies and World War II horror stories. Thus the attempt to reconcile real life horror with fantasy life sweetness emerges as an almost constant theme in her work.

"Many people say that my characters resemble dolls. For me dolls represent immortal youth. But they are also the remains of something that has passed, and when they are antiques, of someone who has died. The first antique doll I bought was one produced by the German-Jewish firm Kammer & Reinhardt at the beginning of the twentieth century. While this delicate bisque doll survived two world wars, both the manufacturer and the original owner are gone forever. So the very immortality of any artifact is always reminiscent of the death of something intimately connected to it." ~KuKula

KuKula with her dolls.
(Photo: Remy Holwick)

Cupcakes & Butterflies,
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Dreamy Reception

This would be such a magical look, size and location for our wedding reception.

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Seriously, I think the Universe is sending me a message.

Yesterday, I survive the hydroplane dance the Mini did.

Today, on the way to pick up Y tonight, I just missed getting rear-ended by a shuttle bus only because we were all stopped in traffic and just as I hit the gas to move forward with traffic I heard a loud crunch as the shuttle bus behind me was rear-ended and lurched forward just missing me as I pulled away! Just to see in my rear view mirror the shuttle bus lurch forward again as I heard yet another loud crunch!! Seriously, as I saw it all fade in the distance behind me I started to fret that maybe I was bumped and didn't just hit the gas at that precise moment but the car shows no sign of it so, WHEW!

and just now....

I was going to leave a comment on Angela's blog when I noticed the CAPTCHA below:




Then my whole Firefox session died and I had to relaunch and restore.

I'm glad Y decided to work from home next week, I'm just saying.



C, I meant to call you today. Too many errands and it's too late now. I love you and I'm all good, well, per above.
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Dude! Here's Proof!

Those following along will recall my declaration that "Dude" is one of my favorite words.

I found this and it's totally what I was talking about:

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Wednesday Cravings: It's been a rough morning, yo.

I am OK.

The car is OK.

I am safe at home.

Long story short: I was on the freeway going back to Seattle when the car hydroplaned in the fast lane. Lots of swerving, dodging cars and median walls to spin and end up facing sideways instead of forward in traffic. Miracles happen. No cars hit anything and we all lived.

I have now calmed downed, counted my blessings and my appetite has returned.

I'm going to Five Guys for lunch, dang it all to hell! I need some comfort food.

Five Guys Seattle
(Just opened up this past weekend)

It takes more than five guys and some gals.

We actually discovered Five Guys while in NC. OMG THE YUMMIEST BURGER & FIRES! I consider myself a hamburger connoisseur of sorts. Seattle had lacked any kind of burger satisfaction for me. I tried Dick's Drive In (ok when desperate on a late night), Red Mill (got food poisoning from their secret sauce, bleck), Kid Valley (awful), Fatburger (decent) and Lunchbox Laboratory (the best I had found but still not quite right). In the Bay Area it was all about Nation's Giant Burger (your greasy spoon burger satisfier with loads of comfy goodness) and 21st Amendment (your yummy restaurant burger of superior quality).

Five Guys when ordered with grilled onions is like having Nation's, O Yeeeeeah!

As we ate our Five Guys burgers in NC I wished for one to open near me and low and behold one did like two weeks later!!!! It's a sign. I can live in Seattle.

About to get my grub on,
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Eat Mo' Pig

I'm a San Franciscan never having traveled to the south before now, so I have just finally had 'REAL BBQ'. North Carolina Lexington-Style in particular and boy-o-boy are those BBQ piggies deeeeeeeelish! We had loads of pork while in NC over thanksgiving.

My favorite being Little Richard's whose motto is "Eat Mo' Pig"

and gladly I did, would, and want to right now. Mix in some hush puppies, sweet tea and I was in heaven! We were sad to leave the land of real BBQ but we conspired a plan:

A. I got Uncle F to share his secret recipe and tips. Muhahahahaaaaaah!


B. We mailed ourselves some supplies:

Now I just need to get a few more items and I should be good to go on Project BBQ-Z. I'm aiming for something yummy enough to satisfy but with my own secret spin. I'll let you all know how it pans out.

Dang I'm hungry.
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Monday's Cute Rx


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OMGeez am I busy!

Trying to get all of Christmas in order, Y's Bday surprises and stocking up the house in case we get snowed in again this year. It's sooooooooooo cold and last year, my first winter in Seattle, I was totally caught off guard. It almost became a situation. I'll spare you all the TMI, heh heh.

I have both Y's and my 'business' holiday cards ready to go. I designed both and had those printed up like a smart girl before going off to NC for Thanksgiving. I am working on my handmade cards now. I just could not find time before now. I really need to prepare these sooner from now on. Here's a peek:

I am half way ready to send out my swap partners holiday gifty ;P I also need to create a jewelry piece for an auction by the 18th! The actual auction will be sometime in February. I have a few ideas but I really just need some time to be able to sit and create something extraordinary.

By the way, Y has posted a map he created under some groovy circumstances over on his blog. If you are or know a D&D fan, go and download it. It's just a sample of the kind of maps he has been creating.

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Free 2-Day Priority Shipping Upgrade


Need your items sooner?

Order now through December 25th and receive a FREE UPGRADE to 2-Day Priority Shipping within the United States. All orders will be automatically upgraded :) when you purchase any item/items from my Foxy Monster and Wonderland Dreams jewelry shops:



Sorry, this offer is not valid when shipping outside of the United States.

Happy Holidays!!!
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Back from beautiful NC & Y is a sneak!

We are just back from an extended Thanksgiving holiday with Y's mom C in Winston Salem. I'll post more about that this weekend. Before we left it was my birthday. Seriously, these numbers are getting harder for me to comprehend as they indicate serious adulthood and everywhere I go I feel like one of the kids. It helps that people think I am 10-20 years younger than my actual age, depending on outfit and how giggly I am, thanks to mom's good genes and sunscreen! I am looking forward to cashing in on those AARP discounts soon though, LOL!!! I may actually have to be carded with any luck!

One of the best things I did for my birthday was have a weekend sleepover with my 5, soon to be 6, year old niece. She brought me these lovely tulips and massive hugs and sweetness for my birthday.

It was so much fun. She is super creative and has better drawing skills than I ever did at her age. Part of our Saturday was spent designing and creating two necklaces for her. My studio in the attic is a favorite for my little munchkin. I let her pick out components from several drawers.

Here is the first necklace featuring Bambi with a blue flower and heart on a pale green sparkly chain.

The second necklace features a large Hello Kitty, large black stars, blue beads & hearts, trumpet flowers and a vintage pink chain.
Both of these were totally designed by my little niece with some major editing coaxed on by yours truly. She was so proud. YAYs!

I finally scored the ice cream birthday cake I have been craving, yummers!

...and Y did in fact purchase Blackie for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can totally tell if Y is hiding something (neither of us can ever get through any gift giving event without doling up the goods ahead of time because we both suck at keeping secrets from one another) and when I asked him if he had purchased Blackie he totally acted in that weird way but the thing is I still fell for it because I thought there was no possible way Y had time to buy it. Turns out, when we came home that day, he scurried down to his office and bought it straight away. Y was back upstairs with me in the kitchen within a blink of an eye. I was sure Blackie was lost forever.

Now Mochi and Blackie shall be together forever. They make the best kitty couple evers. Plus, pink and black are my favorite colors and especially together, YAYs!!!

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