Wists & My Oooooo Psyche

 I have recently become obsessed with a toy tool called Wists. It's too much fun and easy to use. You may have noticed some lovely images down the left sidebar.

What is it?
It's basically a place to create and store wishlists or recommendations you can share online and with friends and family. You are not tied to one store. You can add almost anything.

Why am I using it?
It's a great way to store items I discover while surfing the web without having to do too much or download and save endless links to my bookmarks.  Plus, it easily allows me to add an image of the item, straight off the actual page I am surfing, for a visual reference as well as add tags.

Not only can I steer my friends and family to my Wists page when the questions of 'what do you want for your birthday' etc. come up without having to go through the whole awkwardness of trying to answer that when they insist that they want to get me something, I can also share these great finds with you all.

Here is what I have found so far:

The beauty is you can add details (size, color, quantity) to the item's notes section so that any would be gift giver doesn't have to fret over such things. I have a wide range of price points, from a few dollars to waaaaaaaaaaay too much and I don't expect to ever receive this as a gift. The latter added more for sake of beauty and reference, although, if anyone ever gave me anything off this list at all I would be totally surprised and extremely ecstatic.

Mostly, this is used as a visual inspirational chart for myself.  I am curious to see the patterns, which I am already picking up on, develop over time. Currently, I am noticing turquoise is making a big splash in my Oooooo Psyche. This is a new development for my otherwise pinkness or extreme black.

What's currently tickling your Oooooo Psyche?


Tuesdai Noelle said...

This sounds like a pretty cool idea...I'll have to first find a spot for it. I like your Etsy picks.

Rich Chocolate browns & grape purples are what's making a big splash in my Ooooooo pyshe :)


The psychology of the color theory behind turquoise is...

Fresh, exiting, and also possessive, or rather proud of our possessions.

Which is maybe why all the little things that are catching your eye are turquoise. It is a smart balancing act of what want vs. what the heart needs.

I love turquoise, it reminds me of my Grandmother with her dark ruby lips, who had a collection of turquoise vase filled with dark magenta Dahlias and Carnation that capture the scent of clove!..

She also, before my time had a turquoise dining room with a dark cranberry glass chandelier.

I myself have a Tiffany turquoise bathroom. It is also the only place where there are any photos of me and my Kahuna on our wedding day, for only us to see.

Audrey Allure said...

lovely items :) such pretty things!

Christina said...

Cool idea! Never heard of wists before. :)

Angela said...

Your own personal gift registry!! Yay for that idea!

OneCraftyFox said...

OMGawsh so many gorgeous finds!

Jen Kim said...

beautiful picks! i hope you receive many presents soon :-) i love that you call it a "visual inspirational chart for myself", i need that too so i'll have to try it soon....and yay for turquoise,the pantone color of the year!

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