Back Home, Update:

We are back from our honeymoon in Paris. It was wonderful and I have much to share with you regarding Paris and our wedding for that matter.

We have been back for a week but I caught some sort of head cold as soon as we got back. It made my head feel like a 500 pound anvil atop my body and laid me out for a week. Better AFTER the honeymoon for sure but still sucky.

I'm now in the midst of getting the house ready for our first Christmas in our new home and as husband and wife. The last nine months have been a whirlwind of amazing and wonderful!

My shops have been closed for most of 2010 and although I do miss it, I also have enjoyed not being a slave to it. It's very strange not having to make post office runs everyday at this time of year. I'm now revamping everything about my business and how I was going about it. Thinking whether or not to re-open. If I do, I will be doing things very differently. One of the cool things I experienced in Paris was checking out Tmode, a handmade fashion and decor expo that was taking place up the street from our hotel in the Marais district. It was very inspiring and it made my creative juices flow. There were many jewelry designers and it was a bit of an ego boost to see that so many styles/concepts I have been putting out for a couple of years were being shown here in Paris. It felt like a stamp of approval in a round-about sort of way. I'll take it. [wink] Y said, unprompted, that I could easily show my stuff next to the beautiful wares showcased at the event. We are now trying to figure out how to retire to Paris.


It was my third trip to Paris and I discovered so many new places. Much to share, so stay tuned.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We ended up munching on our favorite breakfast (more later on all this), Gyros, baguette sandwiches and Pierre Hermé macarons that day. We were very thankful and felt very blessed.

I must get back to getting the house in order. Too much gets out of control when you go away for so long and are then sick for a week after, sheesh!

À bientôt!
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Paris Paper Cut

I am in love with these prints of an original hand paper cut Paris map.

Cerulean Blue:


Coral Pink:

London, New York & World map prints also available at Famille Summerbelle.

Check out the video of the New York map paper cut:

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Happy Halloween!!!


I've already had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much sugar this weekend!
So much so that my fangs popped out!!!!

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We did it!
Our tiny wedding at home.
More details later.


photography: Marisa Williams
decorations: Creative Coquette
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The kitten you were warned about.

(Z ~ 10.10.10 ~ via Photo Booth)
I'm the Kitten Your Mother Warned You About

Had a wee date with Y last Sunday. I've been going through a bunch of my stuff and I turned up one of my old favorite tee's. I haven't worn this in ages. Back before Y and I had actually met or I even knew of him, he had seen a picture of me in this tee. One day, after we had already started dating, we were having lunch at Max's at the Opera Cafe in San Francisco when Y looked over at me in this tee and said, "You have no idea how long I've been wanting to be in front of this shirt." .......... [butterflies]

Here's the original photo Y saw:

(Z ~ circa April 2006)

Now 4.5 years later, we are soon to be wed. He makes me happy like in fairy tales.

*Shirt: King Cat Hollywood
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Y emailed this to me today with the subject line, "This made me think of you."

That really is me!! As much as I try to be brave, phobias are teh suck :(

I was bit by a Brown Recluse in college and am missing some flesh from that experience so that didn't help. I was extremely lucky but the scars are a constant reminder that all spiders must DIE!! DIE!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On another note, there is much going on here so my blog time has suffered. I'll catch up when I can. Until then, I hope life is treating you all well.

Cupcakes and Butterflies (no spiders),
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Sweet Lolita Cupcakes

I recently came across the sweetest cupcakes created in a sweet kitchen by an even sweeter Lolita.

The Pink Fairies:

Katja Beckman, our Swedish Lolita and baker.

Her lovely kitchen where she creates all these goodies.
She also makes dreamy cookies.

Here is Katja in a dress she made. She also designed the print!

YAY, Lolitas and cupcakes!!!!
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