OMGeez am I busy!

Trying to get all of Christmas in order, Y's Bday surprises and stocking up the house in case we get snowed in again this year. It's sooooooooooo cold and last year, my first winter in Seattle, I was totally caught off guard. It almost became a situation. I'll spare you all the TMI, heh heh.

I have both Y's and my 'business' holiday cards ready to go. I designed both and had those printed up like a smart girl before going off to NC for Thanksgiving. I am working on my handmade cards now. I just could not find time before now. I really need to prepare these sooner from now on. Here's a peek:

I am half way ready to send out my swap partners holiday gifty ;P I also need to create a jewelry piece for an auction by the 18th! The actual auction will be sometime in February. I have a few ideas but I really just need some time to be able to sit and create something extraordinary.

By the way, Y has posted a map he created under some groovy circumstances over on his blog. If you are or know a D&D fan, go and download it. It's just a sample of the kind of maps he has been creating.



Angela said...

I know! I am so busy too! I have this idea for your gift...but I can't make it work! I am still trying though...I will post details (after you get your gift!!)

The cards are fantastic!! Great job and love the colors!

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