Eat Mo' Pig

I'm a San Franciscan never having traveled to the south before now, so I have just finally had 'REAL BBQ'. North Carolina Lexington-Style in particular and boy-o-boy are those BBQ piggies deeeeeeeelish! We had loads of pork while in NC over thanksgiving.

My favorite being Little Richard's whose motto is "Eat Mo' Pig"

and gladly I did, would, and want to right now. Mix in some hush puppies, sweet tea and I was in heaven! We were sad to leave the land of real BBQ but we conspired a plan:

A. I got Uncle F to share his secret recipe and tips. Muhahahahaaaaaah!


B. We mailed ourselves some supplies:

Now I just need to get a few more items and I should be good to go on Project BBQ-Z. I'm aiming for something yummy enough to satisfy but with my own secret spin. I'll let you all know how it pans out.

Dang I'm hungry.


Greg said...

I've had Texas Pete hot sauce it's good!

Desain Art's said...

Hi! I love this blog.

Angela said...

Texas Pete is the Shit!! MMmmmm love some BBQ!

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