Back from beautiful NC & Y is a sneak!

We are just back from an extended Thanksgiving holiday with Y's mom C in Winston Salem. I'll post more about that this weekend. Before we left it was my birthday. Seriously, these numbers are getting harder for me to comprehend as they indicate serious adulthood and everywhere I go I feel like one of the kids. It helps that people think I am 10-20 years younger than my actual age, depending on outfit and how giggly I am, thanks to mom's good genes and sunscreen! I am looking forward to cashing in on those AARP discounts soon though, LOL!!! I may actually have to be carded with any luck!

One of the best things I did for my birthday was have a weekend sleepover with my 5, soon to be 6, year old niece. She brought me these lovely tulips and massive hugs and sweetness for my birthday.

It was so much fun. She is super creative and has better drawing skills than I ever did at her age. Part of our Saturday was spent designing and creating two necklaces for her. My studio in the attic is a favorite for my little munchkin. I let her pick out components from several drawers.

Here is the first necklace featuring Bambi with a blue flower and heart on a pale green sparkly chain.

The second necklace features a large Hello Kitty, large black stars, blue beads & hearts, trumpet flowers and a vintage pink chain.
Both of these were totally designed by my little niece with some major editing coaxed on by yours truly. She was so proud. YAYs!

I finally scored the ice cream birthday cake I have been craving, yummers!

...and Y did in fact purchase Blackie for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can totally tell if Y is hiding something (neither of us can ever get through any gift giving event without doling up the goods ahead of time because we both suck at keeping secrets from one another) and when I asked him if he had purchased Blackie he totally acted in that weird way but the thing is I still fell for it because I thought there was no possible way Y had time to buy it. Turns out, when we came home that day, he scurried down to his office and bought it straight away. Y was back upstairs with me in the kitchen within a blink of an eye. I was sure Blackie was lost forever.

Now Mochi and Blackie shall be together forever. They make the best kitty couple evers. Plus, pink and black are my favorite colors and especially together, YAYs!!!



Angela said...

...You and me too (on being a big kid!!!) I have a hard time believing I am 36! I still feel and act 20ish! Plus I look it too...all except my hair which insists on turning white way before it should...(but hair color helps with that!)

I know about editing the niece too! I have a drawer full of things for my niece and she always goes about 86 steps too far :)

Happy belated birthday- glad you got Blackie!

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