Seriously, I think the Universe is sending me a message.

Yesterday, I survive the hydroplane dance the Mini did.

Today, on the way to pick up Y tonight, I just missed getting rear-ended by a shuttle bus only because we were all stopped in traffic and just as I hit the gas to move forward with traffic I heard a loud crunch as the shuttle bus behind me was rear-ended and lurched forward just missing me as I pulled away! Just to see in my rear view mirror the shuttle bus lurch forward again as I heard yet another loud crunch!! Seriously, as I saw it all fade in the distance behind me I started to fret that maybe I was bumped and didn't just hit the gas at that precise moment but the car shows no sign of it so, WHEW!

and just now....

I was going to leave a comment on Angela's blog when I noticed the CAPTCHA below:




Then my whole Firefox session died and I had to relaunch and restore.

I'm glad Y decided to work from home next week, I'm just saying.



C, I meant to call you today. Too many errands and it's too late now. I love you and I'm all good, well, per above.


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