Found veil, lost future husband and pubescent growly bear.


I've decided on a veil and I can't wait for it to arrive!!! It's beyond perfection at least in my mind. I found it on Etsy so final verdict will be when I try it on but I am super excited. YAYs!!


I was preparing yesterday's Wednesday's Cravings when I ran across Mochi's future husband,

I was actually going to treat myself, and Mochi of course, to this wonder for my birthday since in the past two weeks I have had a bunch of sales, w00t! I found him and emailed his cuteness to Y but ran out of time and had to dash off to pick up Y. By the time I got home and prepared dinner etc. I went to purchase him and he was SOLD!!!! I actually even grilled Y asking him if he had bought him for me, since my birthday is within two weeks, and he said no. Plus I know that this year we gave each other birthday and xmas presents by ponying up for 6 months at our gym. But, the same thing happened with Mochi so I even asked if he was lying and he said why would he lie. Sad thing is I believe him because I know he wouldn't buy something while at a client site.

My heart is broken.

I don't know how I missed Blackie being listed since August and the day I find him he sells, dang-diggity-dang-bamn!

Do you think she'll forgive me?

Pubescent Growly Bear:

That's what I currently sound like. I have had laryngitis for a week due to the flu and totally lost my voice. I am just starting to feel half humanoid but I am afraid the other half is a growly bear going through puberty with his larynx being stretched into low growls with cracks and squeaks thrown into the mix.



Angela said...

Don't you just hate it when that happens? Maybe Y is just a really good liar.-hopefully in this case anyway.

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