My writing, the word 'Phenomena' and how I got my way and went to UC Berkeley.

I was tagged recently by the lovely Angela of Pickles on Pizza to answer a few little questions.

Here we go...

What word do you use too much in your writing?
at one point I was saying Yo! alot, as in 'look at this groovy thing, Yo!', but these days it's probably 'YAYs!'.

YAYs!!! <----see

Which words do you consider overused in stuff you read?

hmmmm, over used? Either I'm easy or I'm just reading particularly delightful posts with varied verbiage.

What's your favorite piece of writing (written by you)?
I am most proud of my thesis written as part of my graduation requirements at UC Berkeley, as I designed my own major. It was entitled Social and Cultural Factors in Architectural Design.

I must say, however, that my favorite piece of writing is my college application essay to Stanford University. I knew since I was little that I was to be a UCB girl and I was determined to only apply there but my mom insisted I apply to Stanford, my nemesis as I saw it at the time, and stated that if I was accepted to Stanford I was going there no matter what. Going to Standford no matter what? O no she did'ent! So, I wrote my not so exciting Stanford essay in pencil, heh heh heh. I was accepted early to UCB with some scholarships. I went to UCB, nuff said.

(I only told my mom about the pencil a few years ago, hee.)

Regrets, do you have a few? Is there anything you wish you hadn't written?
Luckily, I poses a strong filter/edit function in my brain. I have written many a thing which I have quickly deleted.

How has your writing made a difference?
Truthfully, I don't consider myself a writer. I am an extremely visual person, both in absorbing and communicating with the world around me. I feel the main difference made by my blogging is through it I found other bloggers who inspire, make me giggle and expose me to so many new and exciting things that I may not have been exposed to otherwise.

Favorite words
I love to say the word 'Phenomena' out loud. The way it sounds and feels makes me instantly happy and makes me think of that Sesame Street song that went 'Manamana, peep peety peep, Manamana, peep peety peep', except I switch it with 'Phenomena, peep peety peep'. Instant happiness. Try it!

I also enjoy the word 'Dude'. There are so many things one can convey with that single word depending on tone and duration. Dude, seriously, you could totally have an entire conversation. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. No really! LOL

I also adore mashup/colorful words like 'Ginormous' and 'Dyslexical' basically, words that trigger immediate visuals in my head.

Least favorite words
Words that sound the same and mean different things completely. Dude, how lazy is the English language? Don't even get me started with the whole grammar rules except when this or except when that business.

Do you have a writing mentor, role model or inspiration?
I truly admire Y's abilities as a writer.

Writing Ambition?
I was told at one point in college that I should major in English and become a writer. This was during a creative writing class I took one semester. I was shocked then and frankly, still am. My writing ambition these days is limited to coloring my listings on Etsy with some pizazz of some sort without sounding all cheerleadery or disingenuous, something I struggle with at every listing. I usually just lay down whatever and move on because I find it difficult. I tell myself, stick to the facts, man, stick to the facts and move on or you'll be here all day. [sigh]

Here endeth the ramblings of a visual, dyslexical, madwoman.

(If you would like me to answer more questions, send them my way and I'll do my best.)

Tootles Y'all,



I am a collage artist because I needed to find my words and my images match up faster than I was able to communicate at the time.

That said, I pose to you a short and simple sport of collecting images and colors and statements, and words and titles that wood best represent your most favorite word of the week.

Who and what is your version of a
Does she run with the wolves?
Does she pop her bubble gum?
Does she skip, or does she run?

Angela said...

Loved it! I also love the word "Dude."

Oh and I had no idea the comment moderator was on...I had a spammer a while back and turned it on...then I turned it back off. I guess it still moderates the responses to the posts I posted when it was turned on...did that make any sense?

Here is a mash up word I made up (I am still trying to get it to catch on)-DELUPSCIOUS...when food is really really good :) ha ha

Creative Coquette said...

LOL I will be answering these soon after my FMIL has finished her visit. We are having too much fun so I'm not getting online so much at the moment.

Creative Coquette said...

Our Indian dinner last night was truly DELUPSCIOUS! Not very Paleo, however. :)

Christie Cottage said...

LOL I love the over used words!

Being on etsy makes you type things you would normally never use! LOL

Thank you for posting on my Blog Blast thread.

I am following you.


MYSAVIOR said...

Not crazy about "Dude" when my grandson - age 16 - says it referring to ME! I love the way you write - creative and humorous.

I am following you


Happy Banyan said...

Hahaha! You're right - saying phenomena, peep peety peep is happiness! Cute answers!

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