Wednesday Cravings: It's been a rough morning, yo.

I am OK.

The car is OK.

I am safe at home.

Long story short: I was on the freeway going back to Seattle when the car hydroplaned in the fast lane. Lots of swerving, dodging cars and median walls to spin and end up facing sideways instead of forward in traffic. Miracles happen. No cars hit anything and we all lived.

I have now calmed downed, counted my blessings and my appetite has returned.

I'm going to Five Guys for lunch, dang it all to hell! I need some comfort food.

Five Guys Seattle
(Just opened up this past weekend)

It takes more than five guys and some gals.

We actually discovered Five Guys while in NC. OMG THE YUMMIEST BURGER & FIRES! I consider myself a hamburger connoisseur of sorts. Seattle had lacked any kind of burger satisfaction for me. I tried Dick's Drive In (ok when desperate on a late night), Red Mill (got food poisoning from their secret sauce, bleck), Kid Valley (awful), Fatburger (decent) and Lunchbox Laboratory (the best I had found but still not quite right). In the Bay Area it was all about Nation's Giant Burger (your greasy spoon burger satisfier with loads of comfy goodness) and 21st Amendment (your yummy restaurant burger of superior quality).

Five Guys when ordered with grilled onions is like having Nation's, O Yeeeeeah!

As we ate our Five Guys burgers in NC I wished for one to open near me and low and behold one did like two weeks later!!!! It's a sign. I can live in Seattle.

About to get my grub on,


Greg said...

OMG! I'm glad you're ok! I never liked driving on super rainy days, Seattle or SF, for that reason.

Five Guys sounds awesome. Dick's was my go-to place for the longest time only because I used to live near the one in Queen Anne when I first moved there. There also was a place near the Space Needle I used to go to, but I can't remember if it was 5 SPOT or 5 STAR (there's both up there), but it was pretty good tool Never made it to Red Mill, though!

Is fatburger up there the same as fatburger in LA?

Angela said...

Yes, you deserve to get yo grub on!! I am so glad you are okay!

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