Calendars, Espresso, Dear Friends & Venice

Lavazza Calendars make me wish I had espresso running through my veins.

Cover 2009
~Photographer: Annie Leibovitz

May-June 2008
~Photographer: Finlay MacKay

If this truly is "The Italian Espresso Experience",
please, can I get me some-o-dat!

Tell Me What You Really Think
~Photographer: Marisa Allegra Williams
(find in her Etsy Shop: risamay)

I will take my espresso overlooking Venice.
Preferably with my very talented and dear friend, Marisa.

Where would you have some espresso?


lostsentiments said...

oh wowza momma - the new look is very retro ;) I wasn't' sure where to leave the comment at first! :D Had it been a snake it would have bit me ;). ah espresso - the 2nd pic is lovely and funny - the tweedle's heaving to tighten her corset. Wonder if they know caffeine is an appetite suppressant - may not need the corset ;) lol wherever do you find these most endearing pics love?? I heart them all ! They set my imagination to "go" and I'm daydreaming! :D It's good stuff! :0)

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