F-Stop, Shutter Speed, ISO, O My!

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Seattle Photo 101 Crash Course instructed by Nicole Hill Gerulat. An intensive one day workshop covering the entire normal four week Photo 101 course which left me a bit braindead but excited and much more confident with my Nikon D80.

Lacking perfect natural sunlight and knowledge, I have been struggling to make the most out of my camera and decided that this course was a worthy investment. I was right. Nicole was able to not only explain terminology and techniques in an easy understandable manner but the hands on real-time shooting using the new techniques made everything come together. I had light bulbs flashing above my head like crazy. The weekly homework assignments I have been left with are sure to reinforce all this knowledge and give me even greater confidence.

This was Nicole's first time in Seattle and we hope she comes back. She and her friends teach photography, Photoshop and Illustrator classes around the country. Can't make it to one of those? Starting tomorrow, Wednesday at 6PM PST, you can sign up for the new online four week classes. The first 5 people to register in each  class, Photo 101, Photoshop 101 and Illustrator 101 will receive a free textbook. March and April registrations will be open at that time.

I also purchased the Photo 101 book and I am so happy I did. Not only does it fully cover the course in Nicole's words but all the examples are included. It's also small enough to carry around with me and my camera for a quick refresher until I have this all locked down in my brain.

We had a lighting demo using natural light. Seattle did not disappoint, it was fully overcast and raining. It was perfect for me as this is what I have been fighting with and losing against. We took photos of our beautiful model next to the window, just like I always have to do.

The price of admission was nothing compared to being able to go from this:


to this:

just by using my camera settings, no additional light and knowing how and why! These are straight out of my camera. Here is another photo:

There wasn't even this much light in the room!

If you would like to understand your digital SLR and all those buttons, can't figure out your F-Stop, Shutter Speed, ISO and light meter or know why you should, or just need an all around basics in photography, I highly recommend any of Nicole's offerings. Simple understandable explanations and clear examples are what you will get. Please note, Nicole uses Canon equipment and camera descriptions are done on a Canon. However, all you need is your camera's manual to find the relevant button and settings.  That's what I did with my Nikon.



Tuesdai Noelle said...

RAD! And veryyyy nice photo!..... So, after reading about how and what you've learned, this makes me want to pull out my camera ( i think I have the same one as you) and do some testin'.........I'll be looking into some notes. Thanks :)

Angela said...

Wow!! That is so great! I took a photography class in college. I really didn't pay much attention because I was really more interested in hanging out with my pals and drinking beer than learning things :) I really wish I had paid attention in all of those classes I "had" to take.

The difference in the photo is amazing! I know you are going to have so much fun. I am now using my camera on my phone for most of my pics- so that is pretty sad.

Frenchy chick said...

Oh so cool....Hum...Got to check my camera now...
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