Parrot Tulips

I scored these last Saturday while at Pike Place Market. Three bunches, 30 tulips, for $20! I love tulips but these are my favorite variety. The colors and shapes are just so incredibly beautiful.


I love how they open up. Just dreamy!

My favorite flowers are these parrot tulips and stargazer lilies. I think I want parrot tulips for my wedding bouquet.

Parrot tulips, butterflies and cupcakes need to be part of our big day.

I found these wonderful place cards


from Timeless Paper.  You can order a minimum of 12 which is perfect for our tiny wedding. They will even print the names of each guest onto them for you. You can also visit their Etsy Shop.

As for cupcakes...unfortunately, we have not found any we are totally happy with in the Seattle area. None have measured up in flavor to Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank, CA. If any of you know a place, or someone, who does delicious and beautiful cupcakes in and around the Seattle area, please do send along that info.



Pinecone Camp said...

I love tulip time! The parrot variety is the best - I agree with you. Good luck with the search for cupcakes;)

trishie said...

The tulips are just gorgeous! love the creamy colour.

a bit mischievous said...

ahhh i LOVE Tulips!!!!! that´s the most beautiful flowers in the whole world :)

OneCraftyFox said...

Gorgeous tulips! I am a huge fan of the Timeless Paper Shop, I'm always in and out of that one checking out new stuff. Have a great day!

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Gorgeous flowers... That shop is so sweet!


Audrey Allure said...

The flowers are absolutely beautiful!


Excellent your blog, congratulations!

Thank you for being together. You are worth gold, and this special moment, has a gift for you on our blog. I hope you enjoy.




Bored and Crafty said...

The colors of the tulips make me really happy. :)

Jen Kim said...

hi there! i LOVE parrot tulips, they're one of my faves and what a great price, pike place market is really cool.

and believe it or not, i actually did these butterfly placecards for my best friend's wedding a few years ago, but we cut them out of vellum. hope wedding planning is going well, congrats :-)
p.s. good luck with the cupcakes!

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