Project 365: Day 027

One of the more scary prospects of moving, for me especially, is having to find a new hairstylist. I have a ton of thick, kind of coarse, hair that poses a daunting task for most hairstylists, evidenced by several horrid haircuts over the years. When I find someone who can handle my hair and give me a great cut I am loyal. I have only had to change stylist in the recent past because they moved far enough away that I couldn't get to them. When we lived in Los Angeles for a year, I just never got my haircut. There were so many choices and frankly, I was scared. My hair ended up a long mess. By the time I reached Seattle, there was no putting it off. I learned years ago that price does not necessarily equal quality when it comes to hair masters. I have had good and bad cuts at every price point including ridiculous prices. However, I pay whatever it costs when I do find that master.

Luckily, upon only my second attempt at finding someone in Seattle, I scored BIG time! I won't go into the details of the first place I went to but they sucked and they butchered my hair. I was desperate for help to fix the abomonation on my head. Enter Dot Hachey owner of Ten Pachi Modern Salon and Store. Dot is a master. Not only did she fix my hair on my first visit but upon my second visit she gave me the best haircut I have ever had. Today was my third visit and she cleaned it up and made it fabulous again, it had grown 3" and wasn't as cute. Even my friend M declared it was the best haircut I ever had and she has seen every style since college.

This alone makes me a loyal client of Dot's but there is more. More you ask? Yes more. At Ten Pachi, you can book your haircut, blow out or other service online. The system lets you pick your stylist and your options and gives you the next available dates so you can choose what works for you. I friggin' love this!!! Also, you don't have to pay for a blow out. If you don't want a blow out for whatever reason, like you are familiar with the style, skip it but at Ten Pachi you don't have to walk out with wet hair just because you don't want to pay for the blow out. They offer a FREE blow out counter with everything you need to dry and style your hair yourself before you leave! The salon has a modern chic interior which makes great use of the small space without feeling crunched. They also offer free wifi so you can surf your laptop while you process. They use and sell MOP modern organic products which they do not push at all but I have fallen in love with this line and it lasts me a long time.

Now what does all this wonderful cost? A haircut with Dot is $30!!!!! A haircut with any of the other stylists is only $20! Blowouts are from $5-$20! (plus the free blow out bar) If this wasn't enough, your haircut takes only 20 minutes! Only a master stylist can accomplish this. Dot knows hair of all types, she knows what flatters your face and she does not sacrifice quality or technique for quickness. This is the first time in my life that I can get a haircut and have the rest of my day for what I want to do. I usually had to spend an hour or two in the chair just for the haircut in the past because the stylists were not used to cutting someone with so much hair.

I am a super happy girl. I spend so much less on my cuts that I can have a groovy style that I can actually afford and not feel guilty to maintain. Oooooo, and look how cute my skull clip looks in my hair! YAYs!!!!!


Uniflame said...

Finding a good hairdresser can be a real pain! I am glad, you found one this awesome!

Angela said...

Your hair looks beautiful!

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