American Idol Sucks!


I haven't watched for years but Angela of Pickles on Pizza did a post one night and I started to watch, she is definitely to blame for this :P I've seen it twice so far, including this past Tuesday night. Can I just say....Who in the heck is that other chick anyways????? They all annoy me in one way or another.

I'm just waiting for So You Think You Can Dance!


smilemonsters said...

Yeah, it does suck and Paula needs to lay off the sauce. LOL
I hate the new one save rule. It's painful to watch. I mean they have just been voted off but give them one more glimmer of hope before you smash them. :)


Angela said...

:) Watch your views soar! HA HA! I have a new technique of watching. I let about half of it record...then I fast forward through all of the commericals and half of each song. Now I can keep up with what is going on but I don't have to actually watch the show.

Still like the girl with the really red hair. I think her name is Alison.

Creative Coquette said...

LOL,but really who the heck is that other chick on the judges panel? Does anyone know???

Sara said...

That's Kara Dioguardi (spelling?). She's a singer/songwriter I think. I know she's a songwriter. I'm not a fan. I ran across a story on CNN the other day that talked about how Paula said they'd tried four judges before and it didn't work then.

I don't think she likes Kara.

And when did they do four judges before this?! And who was the fourth judge?

I don't like the one save rule, either. Plus it's doubly harsh when Simon just says, "Nope, not saving you." Kick 'em while they're down!

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