Rainy Run: 39/366

Week 1 Run 2 of C25K and I went even though it was raining. It's sort of like I'm the pod person version of myself, LOL.

I'm soooooooo glad when I got my new gear I was smart to give in to the fact that in this part of the world, running in the rain was inevitable. When I replaced my 8 year old Nike Air Pegasus, I went for the Nike Air Pegasus 27 GTX. GTX as in Gortex. Puddles be damned! Luckily, they come in a cool charcoal color with hot pink accents, awesome!

I already owned a really nice compression zip-up from Old Navy but wanted a hoodie to cover my head in the rain. I looked all around but a good running hoodie costs some moola. In the end I opted for the above Asics running hat for a mere $20. I really don't like how I look in hats. Plus it's hard for them to stay on my head. I have a big noggin and loads of thick hair. Even this hat, with its adjustable Velcro at the back, tends to ride up a bit as I move. Also, hats make my big cheeks stand out even more making me look all pointy headed.  [le sigh] This hat is totally worth enduring any hangups lurking inside my great big noggin. It kept my head dry and that brim keeps the sun and rain off my face and eyes. I could see the rain rolling off the sides of the brim as I ran. Not once did any get on my face. I do feel like a horse with blinders on but I think that's why it works so well.

Now, I just need to figure out my pants situation, cause it's a situation [insert Jersey Shore accent]. I'm currently wearing my compression, slightly bootleg, workout pants from Old Navy that were a steal. But the regular is too long even in my runners. The back drags on the ground and today they soaked up all the rain on the ground working their way up so that the entire bottom 1/4 was soaked. I do have a pair of running legging type pants with the zips at the ankle and they fit great, I was able to buy them in short sizing, but I feel too exposed. It's like running in footless tights. I feel naked.

Taken with: iPhone 4S
Apps used: ProCamera, Camera+, iWatermark



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