NyQuil Haze: 44/366

We've both been sick the last few days. Y more than myself but as he is getting better, I am getting worse. I've been too sick to edit and post much. Will update these posts in a few days with more/better info.

*It's now Thursday the 16th and I am full on flu girl. Y went back to work today as he is better. He caught it first at work. He had been working from home for the last 6 months, so awesome, but last week he had to be at the client site. Turns out someone was sick and had gone to work all week sick. Why, people? Why??? They had been cooped up in a tiny office until this person went home super sick on Thursday. Of course that was after they had infected 3 other people at work who then had to call in sick this week. STAY HOME WHEN YOU ARE SICK! Bad enough you are sick but don't take out the whole company and their loved ones, grrrrrrr.

I fought it off for awhile, or so I thought. Turns out I was doomed. No wonder I felt soooooooo tired when I went for my C25K run in the rain last Friday. I was thinking, wtf? I could barely do as well as my first run. No running for me this week, especially in all this rain. I figure I'll just start from the beginning again, hopefully next week.


Taken with: iPhone 4S
Apps used: ProCamera, Snapseed, Camera+, iWatermark



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