Couch To 5K: 37/366

My first steps on my way to my very first Couch to 5K run! I've started, o-my-gosh. If you told someone who actually knows me, they would think you were talking about someone else entirely.

For most of my life, if some workout or training involved running of any sort, I would be the first to bitch and moan. Totally would figure a way around it somehow. I even got my first CrossFit trainer to let me row instead of jog with Y around the block. I'm sure I had a really good reason for him. My mindset when it came to running was: I hate it! No way!

Recently, I came across c25k.com and discovered a 9 week running program. It basically takes any old couch potato, like myself, off their ass and over a 9 week period safely gets them running a 5K or 30 minutes. No joke.

Did my research and it seems like it works. What finally did sell me was Robert Ullrey's Podcasts. This dude is awesomeness! When he decided to do the program he made weekly podcasts to use on your runs, FREE! Besides providing great tunes for your run, he lets you know when to switch from walking to jogging, your halfway point (so you can turn around if you need to) and motivates you along the way without being annoying and all laid out to the C25K running program so you can progress each week. Fab!

I'm an iPhone 4S girl so I'm using the Nike+ GPS app with Robert's podcasts. I just take my iPhone, put on my headphones, start a new run in the app and go. Everything is then tracked to my Nike+ running account online auto-magically. Today it laid out my route, gave me stats for calories burned, distance, time, elevation, fastest & slowest mile as well as average pace. Cool! With this kind of information you can really see how you are progressing and set some nice goals for yourself.

I'm super impressed with the Nike+ GPS app, Robert's podcasts and myself! What makes this so great is that you go at your own speed and if you need to repeat a week, please do. You move on when you feel ready. I've had my share of troubles with my back, hips and knees and although I'm all recovered, I am extremely careful about what I do to my body. I never want to deal with those injuries or pain again. So I go slow. I wear proper shoes, stretch before and after and I don't over do it.

I'll keep you updated as I go through the program.

Whoo, go me!

Taken with: iPhone 4S
Apps used:  ProCamera, Camera+, iWatermark



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