Invading Downtown, Kittehs! Well, sort of.

I feel well enough to be a bit mobile so I decided to take a few quick snaps of some special handmade Christmas goodies sent to me from some very talented friends. The photos don't do them justice because I had to use my half dead Canon Elph, my apologies :(

Space Invader Christmas Stocking:

M, one of my best friends, made this Christmas Stocking for me.  She is very talented and crafty in all sorts of mediums and that's not even taking into account that she's also a yummy pastry chef! Yes, I was very spoiled all through college. I do miss those homemade cookie and candy plates we used to all get from her at every holiday. Yummers! She's the one that made me the knitted Dalek as well. Yes, geek also runs through my veins.

Here's a close up of the invaders:

So adorable! I'm going to use it year round in my studio.  I don't want to hide it in the Christmas box until next year. It's too groovy!

I was also part of Angela's (Pickles on Pizza) Blogger Christmas Swap as well.  My partner was Kathy (Four Dog Day) and Angela got me.

Kathy is a sock enthusiast like myself, so I knew I wanted to get her socks.  I found an awesome pair.  So awesome, I got the same socks for myself in the pink colorway. They are so soft and cozy. They even put vitamin E on your feet as you walk! I also sent her one of my handmade Gingerbread Girl necklaces from my Foxy Monster shop.  You can see them in her blog post about the swap.

When I found out Angela had ended up with me as her partner, I got excited and started to make some secret wishes. It worked! Long ago I had 'hearted' one of the fab collages in her Etsy shop. It sold awhile ago but she does sell prints. There are many items I have 'hearted' in her shop but this is my all time favorite and it's exactly what I wished for!

The print is super high quality and photos do not do it any justice. The print is full of rich details and I can only envy the lucky person who owns the original. What was even better is that this was delivered to me just a few days after being rushed to emergency surgery. I was feeling pretty low at that moment.  Suddenly, in walks Y with a huge flat stiff mailer covered in this:

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfection!  It seemed all would be right with the world. Things were definitely looking up. How could my mood not perk up with all this pink kitty holiday goodness! What's funny is that Angela had stressed a bit due to her package ending up 'late' per her instructions for the swap. Everything happens for a reason.  I needed this just when it got to me.

Thanks to all of my friends & family everywhere who made this past holiday special for me.  It started out very scary but so much love and many good things have come my way through it all, that it will be remembered as one of the best.

And to Y, I love you. I couldn't have anyone better at my side.



myan photography/zuppaartista said...

what lovely goodies you received!
and i am especially loving those space invader socks!!! :)
happy new year!

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

Your blog is adorable - thank you bunches & bunches for following GirlWhimsy!


Angela said...

Aw how sweet!! I still wish I could have mailed a "big ass" deer head to you ;) I just thought it would be hilarious! Oh well, I will keep my eye open for spare deer parts...

glad you liked your print...and the Space Invader Stocking is the best! Maybe if you hang it all year you will get random treats in it :)

Y sounds like the best ever future husband!

Giovanna said...

i love that xmas stocking! it's sooo awesome.

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