I hope to learn the secrets of this baby tomorrow.
I am super excited!

I'll update you all after.

Have a lovely weekend!

Kiss Kiss,


Little Girl said...

oh my goodness, you got a nikon! i'm sadly still working with a digital camera (one that hates me) maybe one day i will get a lovely nikon.. (:


fasha comeback again said...

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Jellyfish Opera said...

This just reminds me of the fact I need to update my camera..haha, sad sad on my part. Maybe I'm the only one, but Camera's always make me feel like I'm pointing a laser at the world.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Have fun :)

I love taking pictures, even though I was having more "ahuh duh?" moments with my camera than "Ahhhhha"....I called myself trying to take pics of these heels I designed. Maybe, one day I'll have those pics to feature...just maybe. Well, enjoy yourself :)

Audrey Allure said...

awesome, it looks amazing. i'm still stuck with my lame digital camera haha

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

OMG!! Hope you have loads of fun with it and learn a ton!!


Angela said...


trishie said...

Ooo have fun with your new toy!

Abby Kihano said...

i am super jealous actually!!! hopefully you'll learn how to use it! ^_^ and post pretty pics!

Elie's Papel said...

That is the best toy anyone can get... hope you get to enjoy it to the fullest extent!

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