Hi, my name is Z and I am a Craft Cult addict.

I can spend hours perusing the Etsy front page treasury lists in The Vault. Since I have been laid up recouping from emergency surgery the past two weeks (don't fret, I am doing heaps better and I haven't talked about it because it's been stressful and I want to stay positive and move on and not moan and groan about it), I've had a ton a time [sigh] to spend in The Vault via my iPhone. So much so, that my gaze actually veered from its normally transfixed trance upon the parade of Etsy eye candy and I noticed a 'search for member' link.

What the heck, I'll enter foxymonster [click].

1 result found


view list [click]

GADZOOKS!!! I was A-L-M-O-S-T on the Etsy front page!!!!!!

See there at the bottom. My Marie Antoinette Masquerade Earrings are in the middle of the 'Alternate Picks' for the front page.

ErinJade I heart you. She's the lovely soul who created this treasury which was on the front page of Etsy at 2:00am EST, Sunday, October 18, 2009. If a few things had sold, my earrings would have made it and then, massive exposure, Sunday 2am EST massive at least.  Well, that's the dream all us Etsians dream anyway.

I have to get on that dang elusive Front Page.  This means better photographs!!! Dang it dark, no sun, Seattle rain, cute little Craftsman house with hardly any windows or lights!!!!! I will find a way!!!! First stop, a friggin' camera store with some powerful lamps.  These dang things from Home 'Despot' are not strong enough!  I swear to you, the house sucks any light that manages to sneak in. Your time is nigh little light sucking house, we be moving soon! [end rant]

I'm still sooooper excited that I was an alternate.  It's a bit of props. You know, the "it's just an honor to be nominated" kind when they pan to you at the Oscars after your name was not called, yeah, like that.

I can dream and work hard so it's just a matter of time. [tick tick tick]




M.M.E. said...

Congratulations!! I hope you are able to get up and at it again!

charmaine said...

oh, wow! i really love your blog! thanks for your comment! you know, i didn't even notice that the frame was missing a piece. good eyes, i totally missed it. it gives it more character. i guess that's her way of saying "kids live here." :)

God Bless,

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