Not Dead

I was sick with a nasty weirdo flu for almost two weeks, making me very swamped in all parts of my life. Regular colds & flus are always worse with me than most peeps due to my sinuses and susceptibility to laryngitis.

I've been taking pictures but haven't had a chance to fully edit all of them and upload etc. Some are from the sickly perspective of 'just take a picture already and get it over with', not very excited about those.

I'll be uploading when I can, trying to catch up and hopefully get back to doing one each day.

I started doing my C25K again but developed a problem with my right knee causing me to have to stop all that. My right knee has always been a little bitchy troublemaker since I was a little kid and messed it up. Le sigh...

Hope you all are well.

It snowed here yesterday, wtf?


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