What's been going on...

Last week was pretty darn amazing.
First off, the fact that I was able to deadlift 134.4 lbs. and back squat 95 lbs.

*that's not me ;)

Back Squat
*still not me

was something I could not have even imagined I would do, ever. I was very proud! I am still way far from my goal but I do notice more strength and stamina just in my day to day life. During my CrossFit training, however, I'm still dying at only the halfway point of the circuits!

Also, not only did my Late necklace for Wonderland Dreams make it to the Etsy Storque Spotlight but my Aqua and Black earrings were included in Angela's (Pickles on Pizza) Cyber Friends treasury! The treasury is now over but you can see the items that were included below:Please check out Angela's wonderful shop CutNGlue which is full of her wonderful collages!

I am still getting used to the way my new iPhone takes photos but here are some shots taken in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle this past weekend. It was a beautiful day!

Gorgeous flowers outside of Burnt Sugar

and the infamous Rocket.

This guy was in the teensie coffee shop where I got a cherry Italian soda, sadly I can't remember the name of the place but they had a working vintage cash register!!!

Kitty, snoozy in the bookstore :)

I think these are apartments. Reminds me of a building that has since been revamped in Berkeley, CA.

It was my first time in Fremont and I definitely will be going back.

Here's hoping this week is full of more cool things.


Angela said...

Wow!! You have guns! hee hee

Way to go!!

Thanks for the shout out :)

lostsentiments said...

love the flowers and the amazing apartment building! :0)

Keep upi the good work woman! :0) And hate him through the workouts - just so long as you take it out on the weights! ;-) lol

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