I grew up in fog...

...and that's how I like it people.

It's 92 degrees at 8 pm.

I think it's a heatwave starting at 70.


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Greg said...

Ya know, the entire time I lived in Seattle I don't remember it getting into the 90s more than 1 or 2 times. a friend of mine was telling me how hot it's been lately. weird.

Down here in the Inner Sunset, it's been extra cold, and at night the wet fog comes in and blows moisture into my apartment! and inside, the landlord has the radiators blasting away with the thermometer set at 70 degrees. So I'll be working at home in my shorts and T shirt, then go to the USPS and forget how cold it is...

Brook said...

ugh the heat is killing me!!! but my poor boyfriend is in the desert at 120 F running around playing G.I. Joe

readingsully2 said...

Heat and humidity are really bad this summer in Florida.

True Religion Jeans said...

yes its right..

lostsentiments said...

okay - off the subject of humidity - have some randoms to share with you oh Creative Coquette! :) I miss your posts woman! :0) I dropped by to see how the workouts were coming and what other goodies you may have going on - the trailers were awesome possum indeed! :0) But more! I want more! :0) LOL Also, checked out some of your recent faves - how do you find those masterpieces?? A ceramic dish for $800! I could never get it1 I would be too afraid to break it! tee hee - but lovely none the les! :0)

See you soon! :D ~Dawn

Creative Coquette said...


I'll be posting and coming by the blogs soon!!!

You are a doll!!!!


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