Project 365: Days 052-058

I have been MIA for a week, first due to
being busy then due to injury.
Thanks to those who expressed concern :)
you make me feel warm and fuzzy.
Follow my week to see what happened:

Day 052:
I found my wedding shoes! All the rest went back for FREE!
The shoes I settled on are a tad higher than I really wanted but for now they are the best choice. Since Zappos gives you 365 days to return, if I do find a better pair over the next few months I can still return them, YAYs!!

Day 053:
I love avocados and lately Amazon Fresh has been delivering the best avocados I can find. I order non-ripe ones and they are perfect each and every time. Yum!!

Day 054:
Lemons and limes are a staple in my kitchen. I love the smell and the flavor. I am addicted to S.Pellegrino mineral water with a squeeze of fresh lime. Totally refreshing and waaaaaaaaaaaaay better for me than regular soda.

Day 055:
I had to do a ton of research on Tuesday and Wednesday. I opted to do it in front of the TV with my laptop. Very bad move. I usually do my work on my iMac with a normal mouse. The laptop has a built in scrolly area that you need to use two fingers to scroll. I took this photo as I realized what had caused my pain. As you can see, I have very bad form and combined with too many hours of continuous scrolling, I gave myself a repetitive stress injury afftecting my right pinky and ring finger. Such a dork! It hurt all the time from Thursday through Saturday and I could not hold a mouse or type and even petting Zira hurt. Hence my MIA status last week. Please do not try this at home.

Day 056:
Here I am in what I call my Black Spidey glove. I have one for each hand. When I first started creating jewelry pieces, I was a bit of a mad woman going on for hours on end with the excitement. Well that's not such a great thing for your hands when you are not used to these new positions and holding pliers. I started to get carpal tunnel and had to get these gloves to help keep my hands warm and train them to be in a good position (there is a stiff metal brace inside of these from the palm to the wrist). Between the gloves, training myself to only do so much at a time and making sure I take breaks, I haven't had to use the gloves in ages. Until now. My right hand hurt so much after my scrolly injury, even when not doing anything, I figured I would try the magic glove.

Day 057:
Rocky Road ice cream makes me happy.
I had this bowl and I seriously think it cured my hand :P
At least to the point where I could mouse and type a wee bit
and that is the only time it feels sore now.

Day 058:
I can only work on the computer in short stints, so it has taken me all day to get this post up. Luckily it no longer hurts to pet Zira. But at this point, I do feel the soreness coming back so I will be laying off blogging for awhile again until I am fully recovered. I'll be back eventually and I wish you all a wonderful week!


Uniflame said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Sara said...

I'm with you on the sparkling water with lime! Yum! So refreshing!

And I'm sorry about your hand! I have one of those spidey gloves for my right hand because I have a cyst at the junction of my wrist and when it's acting up I need to keep it steady because it's really painful to move--it swells up just enough so you can't really see it, but all the bones and joints get off a little bit. It's currently acting up big time. That means no yoga or weight lifting for me. :( And I just got a new yoga block. Oh well, it'll pop in about a week and I'll be fine for a couple of months. I hope yours gets better quickly!

Angela said...

Love the lemon and lime photo!

I missed you and was about to send out a search party...glad you are back and I hope your wrists feel better.

I have those gloves too (because I have broken both wrists in the past and when I am on the computer or collage too much, they really start to hurt!)

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