Project 365: Day 042

I have been working on a business card design job for a client and was finishing up the design work today before our D&D group came over. Zira, not being too happy about the slow invasion of guests, she is a shy one, decided to hang at my feet under my computer desk. This is not her usual spot. Normally she prowls about up here in my studio and likes to hang on either her cushion by the window or atop the spiral staircase, aka her giant cat tree, where she can monitor all the goings on up here and the floor below. I had to take this photo because she just had this annoyed look to her sweet face. She is not used to us being so social. I am proud of her though. Normally, she would just be under our bed or comforter the entire time but she has actually come out to visit us even when we are playing. She is dealing but she is definitly not amused.


Angela said...

Don't you just love it when our pets give us attitude?

Lucy, our older dog, acts like she is a teenager. She sleeps all the time and has moments of anti social behavior.

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