Project 365: Day 040

As you are aware, I have been neglecting my wrecking duties due to my crazy schedule at the moment. One page of the journal is for filling with fruit stickers. I started working on that page right away but recently all I have managed to accomplish was this little vignette in my kitchen. We have had all kinds of company as well. No one has asked a thing. I wonder what they all must think? Do they think I have a fruit sticker fetish? That I am too lazy to throw out the sticker each time? After taking this photo I stuck them all on the page and it is nearly filled up. Soon you'll get to see the fruits of my labor, tee hee.


Uniflame said...

I actually think it looks quite cheerful ^^

smilemonsters said...

Haha, I do that with my fruit stickers too! I stick them on the bar in front of my kitchen sink and wait till I have several to stick in my journal. :) I can't be bothered with dragging out my journal each time!


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