Kitty Not Monster

Some years back I made Y this iPod cover:

D-Man aka Raoul

It was my first attempt at any such thing. It worked well but these days he sits in a drawer as the iPod isn't used much outside of the car. I love how his teeth come across all gnarly and kooky, hee hee.

I had a bunch of that chocolate fur left over so I attempted my first plushie recently. I started out trying to create some sort of monster. However, once I added the ears there was no way it was anything but a kitty.

Meet Kitty Not Monster

She also looks to me like a Frances.



starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

OMG! i want a francis!!!!

Creative Coquette said...

@Starcake: BTW, love the new look of your blog and I am loving the Scorpio Andy quote for this week! I feel that way, not in a monetary sense but as in everything else that is important.


"Fancy Frances"...needs some filly panties. ;p


Craftiness NOW said...

nice job! luv that he's sporting a skull brooch ;-)

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