After getting one of the worst haircuts after just moving to Seattle, I finally, finally, finally found my dream stylist, Dot.

Dot has given me the best haircut ever. I've been rocking it for almost 2 years and she always makes my hair just plain awesomness.

Dot has had a really tough year this year (seriously sad) and appointments have been tough to come by. I managed to score her very 1st appointment of the year last April (after my hair growing out since Oct '09) and I just found out my appointment for today is canceled as she is injured and will be out until the fall. Feel better Dot, I know what you're going through. xoxo

Nuptials are planned for later this year and I will need my kick-ass hair for that. I am left with no choice but to risk it all and try out Rosie (trained by Dot and 2nd most booked) next week. At least it's only been 3 months so my style is outgrown but evident. [crosses fingers]

You have to understand I have ALOT of hair and it is thick and coarse. I have been to all kinds of stylists from low end college budget to super high end with full on champagne and massage service. Not everyone who cuts hair is a master nor can everyone handle my hair no matter what the price or how fancy the salon. Once I find that person who is a master, I am loyal.

In SF I paid my stylist (who I was loyal to for years and years) over $120 for a cut and blow dry. Luckily once every 7-10 months would be enough as it would grow out into different styles. Dot charges a mere $30 for a cut with the option of paying for the blow dry or using the free blow dry bar at her salon. I pay an extra $10 for the sweet blow out. Rosie is only $20 for a haircut as she isn't the owner.

I have had some crazy hair disasters in my day. The absolute worst was a $10 effd-up beast* where my hair ended up, not exaggerating, like a half inch long from my top front hairline to my crown and then dropped mullet like in the back (un-blended) to my shoulders!!!! Thank goodness it was the 80's and I wore a black beret (pinned to hold) on my head everyday all through the heat of a Berkeley, CA summer. I couldn't even curl the top part of my hair it was so dang short. Seriously, that is only one of the worst. [shudders]

I hope Rosie rocks my hair. The R in Rosie has to stand for rocking-stylist, it just has to. At least I will have time for it to grow out before the big day and maybe Dot will be back.

Stay tuned for an updated Photo Booth image next week. (if it's not too horrible)

O, and everyone send me good-hair juju vibes, pretty please.

*note: don't even ask. There is no evidence of that horrid beret-to-the-rescue style. I managed to get through the summer without being in a single photo. I is a smarty.

Scared but hopeful,


Craftiness NOW said...

gooood luck! oh, hair trauma, i feel the pain. the years when i had a perm where such scary ones, haha...i'm actually going for a cut on saturday too, and love my stylist. that pic of yours looks amazing, can we all just wake up like that every day? ;-)

Angela said...

Good luck!! I know what you are going through- I have that same thick hair!

I just found my dream stylist- 2 cuts ago...and she is expensive. But, I will save up just to keep my hair looking somewhat normal...

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