Still here?

Here's the skinny:

After only two weeks at our new house we had our first house guest who stayed for the third week.  That week Y and I also caught a cold by mid-week, no fun. Today marks our one month anniversary at our new home, wheeeeeeeeee!!!

Although we worked like mad to get as much done in those two weeks, my office and studio are still only partly set up and still packed up. Luckily mom was our first guest and she was very forgiving of our unfinished state of affairs :)

Healthy again, I am back in the mood to work on the house. I needed a break. The last three months have been a whirlwind of emotion, excitement and physical exertion.

We love our new house and the garden has given us some lovely surprises:

 Peonies (I believe) from our front yard

Check out the natural light coming into our dining room! You'll recall our last place was a beautiful little light sucking house, hee hee. No more! I constantly think I left the lights on as I walk around the house and then giggle to myself as I realize it's just the natural light.

I still have heaps to do around here but I will try and catch up with you all and post a bit more often.

Thanks for the well wishes and love you all have sent my way.

Cupcakes & Butterflies,


Craftiness NOW said...

lovelyyy! i love my rooms filled with natural light, you're so very lucky :-)

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