Lost Angels

I am back from Los Angeles (aka Lost Angels). Was a fab trip to meet my new nephew EJ. He is the new, 2 month old,  son of one of my best girlfriends ever, M. We met in the dorms at UCB while living on the same all girls floor. We met our other bestest girlfriend, I, a year later and eventually she ended up as my roommate in my apartment at UCB. We have all been like sisters since. I actually stayed at I's lovely home in Rendondo Beach. M is the first to procreate. Guess I need to admit I am of adult age now. Dang it.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

Full painting I mentioned previously.

She slept with me every night and made me less lonely without Y and Zira.

She's called Nubbins because she has a nub for a tail.

She may have slept with me as well but she definitely checked up on me and Nubbins.
Nubbins would not relinquish the prime spot next to my tummy.
Superfly may have opted for the foot of the bed.
She's called Superfly because well, look at her, she is super fly.

Dr. R's Sparring Partner
Scared the ba-gee-zuss out of me in the morning as I rounded the corner.
Dr. R is I's hubby and vet to all our kitties and pooches at one time or another.
He kicks this dummy's ass with some form of martial art I can't remember.

We went to check out the Police Experience one night.

The dude totally sounded like Sting to me.
Looks-wise, well, from far away and blurry, you could make believe.

Also got a chance to take in an old school movie experience at the Old Time Music Hall in El Segundo. It was way too fab.

The Wurlitzer was amazing and sing-a-long was fun.

There was a Tsunami warning in effect. We opted to not eat that day on the water. The next day after breakfast I missed all the crazy surfers trying to ride the big waves but I could tell the ocean was higher than normal.


 The blimp made it's usual appearance as well. 

It was a great trip.


hewnly said...

lovely cat!!

S said...

Wow. I've lived near LA my whole life, and you've probably seen more of it than me!

Sorry it took so long to reply. I've been busy.

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