I got a call today...

...that my wedding dress has arrived at the shop!


I can't get there until next week :(




Angela said...

When is the wedding?

I know you have picked a beautiful dress. Can't wait to see pictures.

cabin + cub said...

Oh, how very exciting! Is it Marie Antoinette inspired? ;)

Creative Coquette said...

Angela: When is the wedding? LOL, we would like to know as well! So many things and people to coordinate but it looks like maybe early next year now as opposed to this November as most recently planned :P

Creative Coquette said...

cabin + cub: Actually, when we originally thought of getting married on Halloween this year (We would have loved that) we were totally going for a masquerade ball type of theme (definitely Marie Antoinette influenced) and instead of a veil I was going to have a gorgeous white eye mask on a stick type of thing and would have carried out the mask theme with everyone at the wedding. But alas, timing doesn't work.

Getting married is hard work! LOL!

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