And the winner is........

Y suggested a fun way to determine the winner was to roll a 4 sided die. I assigned numbers based on order of comments from 1 to 4 and broke out my D&D sparkly pink D4.

Here's the roll:

and the winner is....



Please email (brains <[at]> foxymonster <[dot]> net) your mailing address and your ring will be on it's way :)



readingsully2 said...

Congrats, Lostsentiment.

Angela said...


lostsentiments said...

Thank you! I'm so excited!! :0D That is a lovely ring! :-D

lostsentiments said...

Yay! I received the ring last week before heading home to Iowa for my GRANDma's (yes, I said grandma ;0))wedding - I showed it to my family and they loved it! :-)n I'll have to post a pic of the lovely ring on my hand ;-) before long :-)

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